Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leap of Faith

Talking with one of my sons the other day, I managed to make a conversational leap from point A to point E with nary a pause in between.  This was such a huge leap, even I noticed.  He didn’t bat an eye.  Which I found rather disconcerting.  Are my kids resigned to my spouting apparent nonsense or do they actually follow me?  Either option is disturbing – so much so that I questioned him.

“Did you follow that?”


“Did it bother you?”

“Not really.”

Hmm…  Option # 1 – he’s resigned.  Feeling defensive (and a little foolish) I carefully explained how I got from A to E.

He nodded thoughtfully.  “That’s good, Mom.  As long as you can to make the association between each point, you’re okay.”

Somewhat reassuring.  He (they?) think I’m okay.

Personally, I think my occasional conversational leaps are due to a brain that functions at warp speed – which is a sign of mental prowess.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  If you can’t follow me?  Make your own leap – one of faith – and assume I know where I’m going.  I always get there – although sometimes I have to backtrack for the sake of others.

Speaking of which, weather permitting, I’m going away for a few days.  You may notice a lack of witty and intelligent comments on your blogs.  Or not.  I’ll catch up upon my return.

photo credit: google images (with some not-so-well-done changes by me…)


Sherry said...

I think my whole life has become a leap of faith!!! And this post has me much of who I think I am today is "real" and how much is an illusion I'm telling myself? What do my kids think is really going on with me ... Oh I think I'd rather not know!!! lol!!!

Wherever you are off to -- ENJOY!!! xoxox

Gorilla Bananas said...

Perhaps it didn't matter to him whether point E was true or false. Why should he care about how you arrived at an unimportant conclusion?

oreneta said...

THAT was a hilarious good I read it aloud to the man, and giggled a second time. I too make those leaps....and it is cause we're brilliant!!!

Cid said...

As long as you keep dazzling everyone with your leaps of faith and say everything with conviction they will never wonder.

Jaya J said...

It didn't bother him and you have a wonderful getaway :)
Will miss your witty comments though :p

Psychgrad said...

Love it! At least you see a connection between A and E. When I talk to my mom, she has move on to "E"...then I wait for the connection.. Finally, when one isn't forthcoming, I ask, "how is that related to A?" 9 times of out's not. She just forgot that we started at A.

nursemyra said...

Enjoy the break

Juliette said...

Have a great time away you woman of great mental prowess!

Zhu said...

If you had the same snow dump as we just had in Ottawa, not sure you were able to get away :-)

The beautiful thing with people who like you is that they follow you even when you are not following yourself!

laughingwolf said...

can't sing or dance, too phat to fly! :P lol

enjoy your getaway :)

VE said...

I'm so intuitive that I've already concluded you time of will not be spent dancing with bears...

Cipriano said...

Effortlessly leaping from points A to E is actually a sign of genius.
Einstein did it all the time.
I heard about this on that program Biography on [go figure].... A & E.