Monday, November 28, 2011


 lousy picture # 1

 lousy picture # 2

Six people

Three dogs

One pile of raccoon sh*t in the backyard

One stinky dog in the shower

Two males hanging outdoor Christmas lights (early but the weather was nice)

One woman observing, cell phone in hand

Two males hollering at woman, “Go away – we know what we’re doing!”

Woman stays, taking lousy pictures with cell phone

A lovely roast beef dinner

Raucous, rude and scintillating dinner table conversation

A birthday cake flop (first flop ever – it will become family legend)

A defective camera (no pictures of the birthday boy - should have used cell phone and at least had lousy ones)

Copious amounts of wine and beer

Birthday presents, laughter & more “scintillating” conversation

Five people head out to local bar around 10:30 p.m.

One woman left with three dogs (woman reflects - when did she last go out anywhere at 10:30??)

One dog joins her in bed

Despite unfamiliar companion, woman falls asleep

All dogs repeatedly bark and race to front door at the slightest hint of noise

First two times, woman shouts, “No!”

Next two times, woman yells, “Shut up!”

(Exhausted) woman finally hollers, “F*ck off!”

Dogs are quiet

Group of five arrive home at approximately 3:00 a.m.

Dogs all bark and race to front door

Woman puts pillow over head

Everyone crashes…

Sunday morning – one woman and three dogs awake and up far too early…

Group of five sleep on and on…

Combine above ingredients:


You have created a wonderful family gathering & a tired (but happy) woman

Love you all, you crazy bunch – dogs included!


Trish said...

heehee fun family weekend indeed :) but, yeah, a night out on the town is for the young'uns. I don't function well after 10pm.

Cid said...

What fun. We put up our lights as well but no boys helping, of course. And the dog is the only one in this household who sleeps in no matter what time we go to bed.

DWei said...

Sounds a lot more interesting than any of my family gatherings. I guess we're a lot more tame.

Gorilla Bananas said...

In the words of Dean Martin, memories are made of this. I'm not sure he would have approved of showering the dog, though. Dean preferred bubble baths.

nursemyra said...

Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time

Beth said...

Thank God the bar is within walking distance…
(I can stay up ‘til 11:00!)

Your time will come – boys get crazier as they get older. Or crazier in different ways!

Or more sane… ;)

Many, many memories just like this one…
(Dean would have put this dog in a shower stall – with a door!)

Yeah, we did. Love and laughter – a great combination.

oreneta said...


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You forgot the three cups of dog hair on the floor at the end. Ah, yes, I would try this recipe myself if I was more brave.

Beth said...

Oreneta: It WAS!

The Bodhi Chicklet:
The gift that keeps on giving...I’m still finding clumps of dog hair.

Jaya J said...

a good evening indeed :p
my family gatherings will end up in some of them with guitars, violins and tambourines, while others sing.
I'm the weird one who can't sing or play musical pretty much left out :p

Mark said...

Hehe that does sound like quite the recipe for fun, if tiring, times.

Trish Ish said...

ah, I am looking forward to a big family get together, xmas lights are still in the box, need the man to fix them before putting up

Beth said...

Jaya J:
I can’t sing either, but I do anyway… ;)
Go for it – try singing along. Or maybe just hum?

Recovery time is quick – the fun is worth the fatigue.

Trish Ish:
Fix, or buy new ones…that’s what we had to do.
(do you have a personal blog?)

Cipriano said...

Sounds like a terrific night of fun frivolity.
This upcoming weekend is my work Christmas party.... this year, for the first time ever my company is providing taxi chits so everyone can get properly [and safely] hammered.
So........ perhaps I will write a "Recipe" blog the next day.... if I can remember any of the ingredients.

Beth said...

Write a Recipe post even if you can barely remember a damn thing – it will be even better!
(isn’t “chit” a funny word?)

2Peeeps Health and Fitness said...

sound interesting said...

Icing on the cake: YOU WON my children's book giveaway! Congratulations, Beth! I'll post about this tomorrow.

Please email me your address/POB. I'll forward that info to Terra (the author). I'm happy for you!


Beth said...

Oh, we are all very interesting…

What a wonderful way to start the month of December – a big thank you to both you and Terra!

btw – it was “the icing on the cake” that made the birthday cake a flop ;)

laughingwolf said...


so... who got a year older?

Beth said...

Not mine! I'd never bake my own (flop) of a birthday cake...
My eldest turned 30! Wow.