Sunday, December 06, 2009

Being Me

Life’s been somewhat off-kilter here the past while. Thus, I’ve been a little off-kilter. Knowing why my behaviour is slightly wacky (more so than usual) goes a long way to preserving my sanity. So does retaining the ability to laugh at myself.

Two examples of my off-kilterdom – and two only. I’ve also managed to retain some pride.

While in a store the other day, I heard a cell phone ringing and my first thought was, “Hey, someone has the same ringtone as mine.”

It was mine.

Finally got around to some Christmas decorating and while setting up the manger/crèche, I actually got mad at Joseph for repeatedly falling over. He was momentarily at risk of being tossed from the scene.

Get a grip, Beth…he’s a figurine, he can’t help it and it’s Joseph!

I figure as long as I’m capable of recognizing the humour in these sort of incidents, I’m still okay. I laughed with the person who’d called me and I apologised to Joseph - with a smile.

And I do have plans (which include alcohol, deep breaths, some chocolate marshmallow Santas and regaining more control of my life) to get back on-kilter. (In-kilter?)

Kilter is a funny word. So is off-kilter. I looked them up. Kilter means “in working order.” Off-kilter means “a bit askew.”

I am a bit askew. That makes me laugh, too.


All Mod Cons said...

You did better than me, I would've snapped his bleedin' head off!

Or at the very least used some blu-tac.

JR's Thumbprints said...

I don't get out much in public, so when I thought someone was talking to me, I talked back. They were on one of those BlueTooth thingys, wrapped around the ear. I hate those devices; I don't even have a cellphone.

Cid said...

I'd rather be slightly askew than always on the straight and narrow, it's far more interesting.

sherry ♥ lee said...

I like you just as you are...slightly askew... :)

I'm loving the comments before me -- all are great!!!

As for Joseph...don't you think Mary wanted to toss him from the scene a few times...what wife doesn't??? :)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Askew is good, on-kilter somewhat boring. Although I like boring in my own life. In art history classes we were often reminded of why Joseph always seemed to have a pained look in the pictures portrayed of the nativity (that Mary remained a virgin her whole life). Glad you cut his a little slack. And those are good tools to get you through, some of my own favorite and frequently used.

oreneta said...

Ahhh, it's probably a bit more fun to be askew, off-liter, whatever...certainly long as it's only a bit, no?

The Guy Who Writes This said...

I think that maybe you need to inject humor and an up-to-date look for your nativity scene. Why not make them Goth this year? Next year something else...

Shelly Rayedeane said...

hmmmmm. My last comment didn't go through.

I think Christmas is the time of year everyone is allowed to be a little off kilter.

(Hopefully, this one takes!)

Shelly Rayedeane said...
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The Guy Who Writes This said...
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Charlotta-love said...

I like how the last two lines rhyme.

You're a poet and didn't even know it! :o)

cipriano said...

It's OK to be off-kilter now and then, Beth.
As for your Joseph figurine there.... hmm... maybe he's been dipping into the pre-Christmas eggnog a bit?

Beth said...

I can envision a head snapping off – just can’t see you doing battle with a Joseph figurine. ;)

Sounds like something I would do – good manners and all that…

I think I’m achieving both… ;)

sherry lee:
I’m sure Mary had her moments…
Perhaps I’ll be less askew by Thursday? Nah.

The Bodhi Chicklet:
Now that you mention it, this Joseph has a fierce scowl on his face – not a happy camper.

A little bit and every once in a while is okay & funny. More and I start to worry. ;)

Well, we’ve had G.I. Joe figurines join the scene before. Looked somewhat out of place, though. ;)

What about pre and post?

Why, yes they do and yes I am!

Perhaps I’ll join him…

Lainey-Paney said...

I've been a bit askew lately too.
I'm giving myself until May, when I graduate, to remain a bit askew.

Come June 1---I fully expect my sh*t to miraculously all come together. That WILL happen, right?

Seraphine said...

that's why i (mostly) leave my cellphone turned off. you have to make a date to call me. lol
you're doing the right thing- slow down and get yourself in balance. you don't want to be falling over like your joseph figurine.

Beth said...

The way your life goes? Not so sure.
Perhaps being askew is your fate – and mine. ;)

Well, I remain upright – just not particularly balanced.
But I am working on it. I ate a marshmallow Santa tonight. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your too funny. What it worse is I totally get this and understand. Joseph is lucky to be part of the group this year.

Zhu said...

I feel like that when I'm over-tired. However, I'm slightly more bitchy!

Maggie May said...

hear, hear.

laugh! weep. laugh! weep.


Lynda said...

Wow you get a million comments for suggesting that Joseph could be kicked off the set! LOL

Totally agree with Sherry Love... I bet there were days when Mary was saying "My mother said I shouldn't marry you... here I am pregnant, on a donkey with no where to live..."

All Mod Cons said...

You'd be surprised. Me and Jo go way back. Had a disagreement once over some chick. Next thing I knew he'd run off with her. She left a note saying that his Ass was better than mine. Typical bird, always going off with the bloke with a better set of hooves.

laughingwolf said...

for me, OFF-KILT is best! :P lol

Seraphine said...

is it the scottish that wear kilters?
if so, "off-kilter" would mean without underpants, i believe...

choochoo said...

my baby jesus ticked me off for some reason or other a few years ago and has since been replaced by a refridgerator magnet, which looks like a hysterically laughing troll...

Mary-Laure said...

So cool that you got around to setting up the crèche! I say toss Joseph - what's his use anyhow?

PS: don't miss the giveaway on my blog!