Saturday, April 18, 2009

Adults Only

I’ve never received a nasty comment on my blog but a friend of mine recently did. The comment was left by someone who prefers to remain Anonymous. (Of course.)

While I am very much aware of the story behind the comment, the entire situation is one I had decided never to address on my blog.

I’ve changed my mind. When a friend of mine receives a comment of that nature – a friend I see on a regular basis and whom I admire tremendously – this whole ridiculous matter takes on a new perspective. While I still refuse to address the particulars of the issue, I would like to state a few simple but obvious (to me) truths about blogging.

Do not assume you know someone simply because you read their blog. You don’t.

And as a logical consequence re: the above statement, you do not have the right to judge that person.

Do not presume to know the entire story of an issue after having heard only one side. And if “stories” are being told outside of the world of blogging, keep them there.

If you feel a compelling need to leave a negative comment, have the courage to do so under your own name.

Better yet, if you’ve decided you don’t like what a particular blogger has to say (for whatever reason) don’t read their blog. It’s that simple.

The social aspect of blogging may very well be a small microcosm of life itself (an extremely small one) but we are not children. This is not a playground for the airing of personal grievances or for name-calling.

And, finally, life is too short to engage in such nonsense. Surely there are other matters in our lives of greater importance. There certainly are in mine.

If you care to leave a comment, please do - preferably not anonymously. But take note. This post is “it.” I will not be playing these sort of games on my blog.


sherry lee said...

Eloquent. Well said. And I couldn't agree more. If you don't like someone, don't read their blog.

Life is much, much, much too short for this nonsense. And we all have far more important things to deal with in our lives.

Enjoy your weekend...methinks spring is really here!

oreneta said...


rebecca said...

I agree with every single one of your points. Amen.

Travis Erwin said...

Well said. I'm not a fan of anonymous criticism.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I agree. I don't get why people who want to leave any kind of comment chose to be anonymous. Cowards, bullies.

Gary said...

Respect yourself.
Respect others.
Respect the world around you.

I think this applies to blogging too.

Thanks for saying it so well Beth.

Seraphine said...

i don't mind a different opinion, as long as it is made respectfully.
hateful comments that are meant to hurt are never appropriate in any context, whether in the blogging world or not.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Once upon a time I got between two blogging professors airing their grievances in the comment section of one's blog. The whole fight began over the female's posted photographs of herself. Although the male professor never mentioned her name, everyone who read both blogs knew who he was referring to. He went further to tell her that poetry is dead and accused her of making anti-semitic remarks. I tried to lightin' things up by posting a YouTube video doing a poetry reading with a sethoscope. The male professor quit coming to my blog over it, whereas the female professor thought it was a hoot. I've commented on his blog but he refuses to comment on mine. It's been two years now. The whole thing is childish if you ask me. So yeah, blogging does have a slippery slope.

Cheryl said...

I have apologized, and will do so again. It was very middle schoolish, and a reaction that was inappropriate. It in not typically, a road I go down. I usually like to stay on the High Road, this time I jumped off. Bad move, stupid really and I truly am sorry for all the hurt it has caused.

sherry lee said...

Thank you Cheryl. I'm sure it won't happen again and next time you might have all the facts and not just what you "think" you know. I appreciate that. It took courage to come forward.

Beth said...

very well said, and I couldn't agree more. why leave something nasty? it's just mean spirited and cruel. If you don't like what that person is saying, don't read that blog!!! simple!!!

it's nice when friends stand up for friends, blog friends or otherwise..

All Mod Cons said...

Exactamundo. I love it when you get all no nonsense on your blog!

Aunt Reeny's After Thoughts said...

I would never presume to know someone based on what they post, that would be silly. I agree with all of your points. Well put.

BlackenedBoy said...

I had an experience like this last summer. I disagreed with what someone else had said in a post and told them--respectfully.

The vulgar and profanity-laden response I got back upset me so much that I had to write a post about it, just to purge it from my system.

I've never had another incident like that, but if I did I'd just delete the comment and move on. After the first time I guess the shock wears off.

Don't let a mean person damage your blogging experience!