Monday, March 23, 2009

For Shame??

All the comments/guesses left on my last post were intriguing, amusing and certainly gave me pause - particularly regarding point # 5 - OWNING ONE DRESS.

Yes, folks, amazingly enough, this is TRUE. And while that previous post was entitled “Inanity, ” the title of this one should be “Anomaly” because I’m feeling a bit like one. While I thought mentioning only having one dress might prove interesting, I never thought it would end up being considered the biggest (shocking) lie.

I’m torn between considering myself an oddity or viewing my wardrobe lapse in a more positive light – that it makes me unique and special. Oddball is currently winning out.

The dress I own is a LBD - à la Coco Chanel’s advice. As in, every woman should own a Little Black Dress. I’m thinking I took her advice to the extreme, that she didn’t mean only owning a LBD.

For those eye rollers out there, take heart: a) I used to own more dresses b) I have some very nice skirts and c) I must buy another dress for a July wedding. Not looking forward to that challenge. Again, this makes me weird. Let’s face it. I’m not a girly-girl. So be it.

On to the other points.

#1 – True. I have never eaten a hash brownie but this is on my list of things to do before I die.

#2 – False. My singing voice is terrible but I don’t care. I will sing to my heart’s content.

#3 – True. I have ridden a galloping horse across a field. I was terrified, thought for sure I was going to die but once I learned to trust the horse (who was definitely in control) I loved the experience.

#4 – False. I have never been stuck in an elevator but it is one of my big fears. I just know the urge to go would strike immediately. I wonder how long I would last before I actually…oh, never mind…

#5 – True. Meh. (See above.)

#6 – True. I patted the ear of an elephant while taking part in a “Bathe the Elephants” outing. I love elephants! (Does this make me even weirder when added to the one dress fact?)

#7 – True. I will pick the peas out of any dish in which they appear and will not eat them when served on their own. I hate peas. (A waitress once noted my pile of uneaten peas and told me I should finish them. I don’t think so, sweetheart. Even my mother couldn’t get me to eat them.)

#8 – True. I most certainly did yell at a police officer. In fact, there was more than one officer in the police station who felt (heard) my wrath. I don’t think they issue tickets or make arrests when dealing with feisty, protective mothers who are RIGHT.

So, there you have it. My two lies and my six truths – one of which caused some consternation and surprise. To all of us.

To those of you who managed to get one correct answer – congratulations and enjoy your brief moment of (inane) satisfaction. Only one person – “mp” – correctly choose the two false things. And that doesn’t count because she’s one of my sisters!


sherry lee said...

lmao...TOLD you I live to be wrong!! lol!!!

I too have only one LBD...every girl should have ask me how often I wear it?!?! Skirts I have, but since I no longer work in an office I'm happier in jeans, dress pants, capris...

We can be odd balls together!!

Beth said...

sherry lee:
We are odd balls together!
Want to wear our LBDs (not BVDS) next time we get together?

Seraphine said...

sisters know each other like no other.
and i loved that post. because nobody else really knows another person and their secrets.
But it's fun guessing.

Mrsupole said...

Was funny about just owning one dress, I pretty much have no dresses, just some skirts. Since I am no longer working, who needs them.

Anyway, just wanted to say my hubby is a Stewart, and his family is from Toronto, Canada. Most of his family still lives there, a few others in other parts of Canada. We live in California. So we say we are the Stewart Clan in California. There are thousands of Stewarts here. But we are the only ones from his family.

God bless the Stewarts.

oreneta said...

I KNEW you could yell at a cop, and I thought I was the only freak out there, I have only one dress, a flowing hippy-ish thing whose die isn't fast enough..

Aunt Reeny's After Thoughts said...

Oddballs are the best kinda people. More interesting than urm boringballs (on my first cup of coffee this AM). Thanks for stopping by my blog type thing and leaving a comment. Hope to see you back again ;)

Beth said...

And as Sherry says, it's even great to be wrong. You end up learning something about the other person and yourself.

Aye! There are millions of Stewarts in the world. Greetings from our clan to yours.

We're not freaks - I finally decided that unique and special are the correct terms to describe us.
And I knew you'd guess I'd yelled at a cop - it's a mom thing...

Oddballs make you laugh - and there can never be too many oddballs or too much laughter in the world.

VE said...

Ha, see, I did get one right. Good meme contest! Now go buy a dress...

Attila The Mom said...

Hmph. At least I hope you tell us when you finally eat that brownie! LOL

Gary said...

Dresses are over-rated. LBD is all that's needed.

As for the hash brownie, you only need visit the right potluck here in Nelson and it might happen, with or without your permission. I'm not saying I know which potluck... I'm just saying this is a happy sort of place...

Seraphine said...

ding ding ding.
it finally dawns on me how canadians survive those long winters without killing each other.

Beth said...

I'll get right on it - sometime within the next few months...

It will be the best post evah!

And you are such a happy kind of guy!
(Permission is a given.)

Yup, the majority of Canadians are so mellow they cease to care about snow and below freezing temperatures. See why I'm so ready to join this brilliant group?

Bee said...

I think that the dress thing has something to do with climate. When we lived in Texas, I wore dresses all of the time. In England, I'm hardly ever out of my jeans. (I need to be warm. Comfort trumps style every day.)

I don't like peas, either. Most people do; but it's one of the few vegetables that I cannot abide!

Barrie said...

Dresses are highly over-rated. I have two. I splashed bleach on one and my husband thinks the other is exceedingly ugly. :) I do like peas, though. Actually, one of the few veggies I can't stand is cooked carrots. Yuck!