Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do I Really Sound Like That?

If you have a Message option with your phone service (and it’s similar to mine) you may (as I did) get sick to death of having to listen to your own recorded voice do its little part of that whole rigmarole when accessing your messages.

“Beth Stewart" (my blunt, whiney, irritating voice) inserted amidst the other lady’s calm, soothing words.

I butchered my own name.

So I finally decided to fix it. One of my sons was with me when I did. (High tech stuff – good to have support.) When the moment came for me to utter those immortal words “Beth Stewart” I blew it. Not once but three or four times. Much laughter. (The down side of having such support.)

On the last and final attempt we both snickered and burst into laughter yet again – and I left that lovely background noise in lieu of my name.

I no longer cringe at the sound of my own voice when checking my messages. Instead, I’m assured of at least a smile or more laughter each time I do. Brightens the day.

I’m thinking we should do the same thing with the boring blurb* people hear when they call and have to leave a message.

You’ve reached - ###-###-####. {snicker, snort} Sorry, we’re unable to take your call. {muffled giggles} Please leave a message. {loud guffaws from two crazed deranged people}

Share the laughter. Brighten someone else’s day. (Or decrease the number of messages left.)

*My son came up with some very original substitutes. All vetoed.


Anonymous said...

Yes those voice-mail prompts ARE funny. I always sound like a little kid . . . it's a wonder anyone takes me seriously when I can't even take myself seriously.

Best just to give in and have a good hearty giggle.

sherry lee said...

I read somewhere that if you smile when you are making one of those messages your voice sounds more natural...I tried that and burst out laughing instead...bring on the funny voice mail messages...they are much more interesting to listen to!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Now I want to call you to hear it. :-)

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Sometimes I sound just like my father, which is weird since he died a long time ago.

Beth said...

Better a little kid than the way I sound. I really, really hope I don't sound like that in "real" life.

sherry lee:
I was trying not to smile and didn't succeed!
Have had a few good laughs already today...

I'll send you a recording! ;)

Not so weird. Probably an inherited trait. I do not want to ever sound like my mother, though.

oreneta said...

What is it about those terrible recordings that makes us sound so horrible...I always sound ferociously depressed....

Dreadful. The giggles are a definite improvement.

Beth said...

Depressed, whiny, time I'm going to try Sherry's trick - smiling as I speak.

Patti said...

I'll try that! My voice mail message is pathetic.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh, you couldn't possibly sound that bad! Give me your phone number, I'd love to hear it! There's something about natural, infectious laughter.

Beth said...

Do it with a smile! (As Sherry suggested.)

The Bodhi Chicklet:
I did sound that bad - the laughter is so much better to hear!