Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And Now...

…back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Lots of men around the house these days as the front flagstone path is being repaired. (Backbreaking work.) These guys are polite, friendly, funny – and some of them are built.

I leave the side door unlocked so they can use the basement bathroom. (They are extremely neat and tidy, too. This rates right up there with the being built.) Late yesterday afternoon I was going out and figured they’d be finished for the day before my return. I didn’t want the door left unlocked.

I mentioned this to the Head Guy and also said (discreetly – with lowered voice), “So this is last call for a bathroom break. Check if anyone wants to tinkle.”

Yes, I actually said “tinkle” to this big, hulking guy.

He smiles and HOLLERS to the crew (my neighbours could hear!), “Anyone need to use the bathroom? Does anyone want a last “tinkle??!!

Hoots of laughter and shouts of, “Nah, don’t have to tinkle,” and “I’m good,” from the guys. They knew the word did not originate with the boss.

And lots of big grins and more laughter accompanied by, “Have a good time,” “See you tomorrow!” and “Thanks for everything!” calls to me as I wended my through the tools and debris to get to my car parked on the street.

I was blushing.

Maybe I’ll keep the side door locked today - see who gets the last laugh.


Lynda said...

"Tinkle" is good.... "Built" is good too! LOL

Beth said...

"built" and "tinkle" should never be used to describe the same person! ;)

Camera around your house? of the "built", I mean, your flagstone path? ;)

Beth said...
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Patience said...

Sounds like you've got a great crew there!!

Patience said...
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Lainey-Paney said...

I say "tinkle" too.

better than one of the patients in the ER where I work. I went in to meet with the patient, and he..or she...I cant remember now, but what this person told me was that I would have to wait b/c he/she said, " I gotta go empty my ass".
How GROSS is that???????????

Patti said...

Yes! Pictures please! Of the work of course.

Mrs. G. said...

There is something charming and laughable about brawny men who say tinkle.

Seraphine said...

that would be a great title for a novel or book of poems:
teaching to tinkle.
the fact that your workmen are "tidy" about the bathroom surprises me. non-tinklers in particular seem prone to splash, even when they "aim" correctly.
are you *sure* they aren't tinklers?

She said...


She said...
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Sherry said...

Blushing indeed lady!! "tinkle"?? Big burly built guys tinkle?!@ LMAO!!!

But my what a post -- built guys, tinkling, "head guy" (not going there!) leave the side door open so they can use the bathroom and that rates right up there with "built" -- excuse me missy but were you peeking in the basement bathroom window by any chance?!?! Racy post there missy!! ;)

Glad to see you are back in "good form"!!!

Beth said...

"Tinkle" is so girly! And they certainly weren't.

I'm not as good with a camera as you are!

They're a great bunch - offered to help me bring bags in from the car today.

Very gross.

But of course - the others I would keep for myself!

mrs. g.:
They are sweethearts!

They are definitely not "tinklers" but someone has taught them to clean up well - both the job site and the bathroom.

la la:

Racy post?! Someone (not me) has a racy mind!

Seraphine said...

i love people that clean up after themselves. also t.s. eliot.

Jules said...

I love the word "tinkle" and I'm a tinkle girl too. :)
it sounds so much more classy than some of the other words others use.
Sounds like you have a fun bunch of guys to work.... uh..... hang around with though. i wonder what's in store for you next. LOL

All Mod Cons said...

They'll piss in your plant pots if you don't let them use the loo! Be warned!

VE said...

They don't have to 'tinkle' because they were too busy visualizing you naked under your clothes. Sorry...that's just the way guys are...

Shari/"Whiger" said...

I don't say "tinkle," but my mom did. I guess it's because I don't have boys. LOL. My mom made a banner and actully put it on the wall right behind the toilet."If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie."

Built, you say? Hmm. Do you watch them work from behind? Ooh la la.

Beth said...

Alas, I know what's in store for me next. An electrician. The repair jobs seem endless.

Perhaps that would explain the condition of my petunia pot?
I'd never not give them access to the "loo." (So not me.)

Uh. Hmm. That possibility never even crossed my mind.

Let's just say I caught an occasional glimpse.

Eileen said...

This is so funny! They sound like a great bunch of guys. Tinkle sure beats "potty," in my book and I have found myself using that word, when a grown up word may have been more appropriate.

They are sure making the end of your summer more interesting!

Psychgrad said...

Built guys saying "tinkle"...I'd pay to see that. I bet you their way of interacting is making fun of each other. So, just think of it as a pseudo-initiation.

Attila The Mom said...


"These guys are polite, friendly, funny – and some of them are built."

I'm jellus. When we have guys working here, all I usually get to see is acres of butt crack.

oreneta said...

They seem like good guys....tinkle...giggle...