Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yesterday's Life Lessons

1. A food fight involving green grapes at the dinner table can be an occasion of great fun and much laughter providing that:

a) No one gets hurt. (Bonk! Right off my forehead…)

b) Everyone picks up the stray pieces of fruit afterwards. (My aim was lousy.)

One of the great things about parenting? Once you’ve done the job of instilling good manners and proper behaviour – anything goes.

2. I needed the laughs, the release…. After three phone calls, I’m still waiting to hear back from the roofing company. I’ve surmised that if you’re calling about a warranty issue, you are not top priority.

Beth is getting very cross.


Pavel said...

(Second time in 24 hours that I'm first in a blog comment. Wow! I think I'll go play the lottery!)

Sorry about the roof. It sucks that they're not help you IMMEDIATELY.

The food fight sounded wonderful! I think I'll have some grapes ready for this weekend. *smile*

Patience said...

Oooh! A grape fight! That sounds like sooo much fun!!!

Sherry/Cherie said...

Food fight!!! Don't you just hate step on a stray grape?!? Squish!!! Lightness and laughter -- always much needed in life!!

As for that roofing company...are they registered? BBB? I'd leave another message, a little more "threatening" about calling "The Fixer" at the Star -- that might just move their butts!!

Mrs. G. said...

A good, clean food fight has its place in life! One Sunday years back we had a pancake fight at the table-dry pancakes-no butter or syrup-we still laugh about it. Our dog found rogue pancakes for days afterwards.

Charlotta-love said...

man...I want a grape food fight! That sounds so fun.

oreneta said...

Kids can be pretty fantastic, can't they....I love a good laugh with the girls...

Anonymous said...

I love it so much when a family can laugh together, silly things are the best! Your grape food fight made me laugh, what a great mom you are.

Sorry about the roofing company. I would be getting very cross too.

A special thank you for the 2 lists idea. It helps, it really does. I have been trying to think like that for the past few days. I like it.


Beth said...

Your kids will love it!

Use firm grapes and remember to duck.

No strays - found them all.
As for the roof - no messages left. I've spoken to someone each time. The "expert" is supposed to call me back. Hasn't. Tomorrow - tough measures.

Pancakes and grapes - ok.
Stuff like mashed potatoes - no.

Start one. The others will quickly join you.

They're an amazing source of love and laughter.

We do silly very well.
(Glad the 2 list idea helps.)

Anonymous said...

having older kids is great fun! I always remind them that 'just because we do this at home doesn't mean we can do this at Grandma's house - okay?'

Beth said...

uh oh.....time for BAD BETH to make an appearance....go get 'em!!!!

and food fights can be fun...specially when your KIDS arren't expecting them!!!

Barrie said...

My kids would love you! And, unfortunately, I think you're right about the warranty thing. :(

oreneta said...

My e-mail is freaking out...I can see the inbox, but not read anything, or compose...weird. Anyway, I am coming back to TO at the en of this week, do you or anyone you know and love need more of those creams for the dry and splitting skin????

Let me know.

Beth said...

You're so sweet to think of that. I still have some (used it primarily on my right hand - will explain that oddity when (and if??) I see you) and no one I know suffers from that dry skin condition the way you and I do. Lucky them.