Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crystal Ball

Next week my friend and I are seeing a psychic - one with a proven track record of success. In fact, I may visit two psychics – not to comparison shop about my future but as a sort of litmus test between the two. Wouldn’t it be neat if the second psychic said, “I sense you’ve recently had a glimpse into your future…”

I believe certain people are able to see beyond the limited vision and scope most of us possess. I’ve heard far too many stories of psychics being spot on as to certain details of peoples’ lives they couldn’t possibly know without this ability.

Perhaps we’re all born with such vision or sixth sense but have it “educated” out of us by so-called civilized society. (Out of fear? Witches were once burned at the stake for possessing such magic.)

One of my children was able to see auras at a very young age. Along with numerous other examples, he very matter-of-factly described the colour floating about the head of the much-despised grade school Vice-Principal. It was not one of the good colours.

Until now, I’ve never had any desire to visit a psychic. But since the future I once envisioned no longer exists, I’m curious as to what will take its place. And, yes, I know, I am the master/mistress of my own fate/future but a little nudge in the right direction (some hints) wouldn’t hurt.

While I’ve never heard of a psychic delivering bad news (I suspect they keep this burdensome knowledge to themselves) I’m not taking any risks here. I will be right up front regarding that kind of scenario.

“No bad news, please,” I will insist. “I worry enough as it is. Just some general guidelines and predictions as to the good stuff.”

But, geez, what if there’s very little good news to pass along? I guess I’m really hoping for a psychic who is also capable of (compassionate) fabrication and/or omission.

If my posts become very spiritual in nature and I lose the bad words, sarcasm and flippancy, you’ll know that despite my instructions to the contrary, I received word of my imminent demise.

Seriously? I’m a little nervous. But still gung ho.


Sherry/Cherie said...

Okay Beth, this is really exciting!! I've thought many times about doing this but share your "nerves" that conflict with eagerness to know...

I know that there are some people who are more attuned to what else is possible, what else is out there -- whether it's auras, or tea leaf happens.

I expect you'll hear some startling things -- all for the good...keep an open mind!! (perhaps another visit to Indigo -- you need some Sylvia Browne books to get you primed!!!)

And I love this graphic by the way!

Shari said...

Fear of the unknown nerves are not unusual. I'd be backing out, I's a "psych" in town (a sign outside a house says "psychic") but wouldn't know if it's real. I've thought about it myself, but don't know how authentic they are. I guess I'd have to do research. I've thought about hypnosis-no chocolate cravings...hee.

I hope that you have lots of good things in your future. You are brave. I'm looking forward to your post about your visit to the beyond...that is, if you wanted to share it. :)

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Your son may have synestasia.

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to do this! I am so glad you are going. I just don't know who to go to, so many look cheesey. I am trying to find one by word of mouth, one who has been used and trusted.

Let us know how it goes. I find this so fasinating!

oreneta said...

Very cool...the fact that we would be nervous implies that we all have a certain level of faith or's hoping there is no fabrication and everything looks good. If not, here's hoping for a really good liar;)

Barrie said...

Looking forward to the report. Although i have to say I did get some bad new from the psyhic I went to this year. I quickly hopped across the floor (it was a psychic fair) to get another, more benign reading.
Anyway, the bad reading didn't come true. At all. Hmmm.....unless I have to watch for it FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! Yikes. I only thought of that now. :)

Good luck to your son on my MCATs!

Cheri said...

Oh, oh, oh! I want to go too. You cracked me up with . . .

"If my posts become very spiritual in nature and I lose the bad words, sarcasm and flippancy, you’ll know that despite my instructions to the contrary, I received word of my imminent demise."

Anonymous said...

Yes very cool indeed.

I am convinced that there is more to this than we can imagine - the older I get the more attuned I am to the potential of psychic abilities and spiritual connections for insight and clarity to our lives.

I am looking forward to hearing/reading about your experience.

Beth said...

It is exciting, my mind is "open" (I think) but I'm still kind of nervous.
(Sylvia Browne - added to the list...)

I'm certainly hoping for good things - and I wouldn't go to this psychic if I hadn't heard some excellent reports.

Interesting. I had to look up that word. Whatever "talent" he had, he no longer possesses it. (Or talks about it.) I hope I didn't have anything to do with him losing that ability.

I'll be the guinea pig for you.
Did you know some psychics can do this by phone? Very strange.

I have the faith, I have the fear and she'd better be a convincing liar (if necessary).

I don't want to hear about anyone getting bad news!
No matter how he did on the MCATs (and I'm sure he did well) we are all very glad it's over.

I was serious. ;)
But surely no one ever gets that kind of news?

I'll let everyone know how it goes (although perhaps an edited version).
And I'll pass along the name to you in case you want to try it.
I'll be brave and go first.

Beth said...

how exciting!!!

I'm kinda of torn on the psychic thing....the "church" part of me says they aren't real..yada yada, but I also know that I've had..."feelings" about people that are spot on....or dreamed something only to have it how do you explain that? I don'thave the answer for that.

I hope you tell us what the psychic syas....and write it all down, so that when the good stuff DOES happen, you'll know they were right!!!!

and I DO think that kids can "see" or "know" things that adults can't/don't.

Mrs. G. said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes. I don't really believe or disbelieve, so I'm a good audience.

Memarie Lane said...

I've had a few experiences with psychics, some right on the money, some wrong beyond belief.

I think kids are naturally more in tune with that stuff. My son told me that my baby would be a girl, and said that he plays with her all the time. He calls her Lena (maybe her name is a past life?), and he can't wait for her to come out.

Lynn said...

How great is this! I predict very good things from the psychic reader.