Friday, May 02, 2008

A Slice of (Our) Life

There are four people living in this house.

Count the pairs of shoes by the front door. I’ll cop to (at least) the flip flops.

The boys are home and I’m loving it.

I don’t care about shoes left at the front door or coats left hanging on the stair railing.

The times they are a-changin’ (or have changed) around here. (To mangle a Dylan line.)

And if you’re appalled at the these conditions, I don’t really care about that either. It’s our home and we’ll do what we want to. (I have now mangled a line from that old Lesley Gore song.)

If the Queen of England decides to pay us a visit, both shoes and coats can swiftly be dumped in the front closet.

And, oh yeah, you’re welcome to keep your shoes on when you visit. I’m fine with that, too.


charlotta-love said...

You pile is much much much more organized than the pile(s) at my house. Usually one shoe is at a door, the other in the garage, etc. I'm not sure how they get divided but it makes looking for shoes in the morning a fun adventure.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Your house is homey, warm and lived in -- just as a home should be. My front hall looks like this now with 4 of us here and my boys each have way too many pairs of shoes but that's okay with me too..then add all their friends how drop in and sometimes you are stepping over shoes to get into the house. I wouldn't have it any other way.

By the way, I say that when Liz and Phil arrive...just leave the hallway the way you would for the rest of us. they're just "people" you know?!? ;)

Beth said...

it's the little things, aint it? it always surprises me...the little things I start to miss.....then they're all home and there is chaos all over the place and I love it! for a lttle while....

VE said...

The Queen of England is visiting? Just make sure she doesn't take anything...I hate when she does that!

Beth said...

That phenomenon happens around here with mittens and gloves. (Glad that season is over.)

Thanks - you're sweet.
Mess = homey & warm!

The chaos, the mess, the noise - it's all great!

I plan on hiding all my jewelery. (Such as it is.) She seems to have a thing for wearing all that glittery stuff.

Silverstar said...

New here.:) I envy your front entrance, ours is a mountain of shoes, boots, bags and papers and there are only 2 people in my house!

Barrie said...

There are six people living at our house. From the pile of shoes at the front door, you might guess.....TWENTY-SIX! (Child #4 is a shoe diva)

oreneta said...

We had to put up shelves in the hall for all the shoes! Love it with all of much fun.

La La said...

I have shoes everywhere! And, I'm the only one who lives here.

So, I say you guys at least have a designated location.

I love that the shoes mean a full house for you, full of boys and noise and spaghetti dinners!


Shari said...

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. My kids would have three pairs each downstairs, along with Hubby's shoes, too. I only have one pair downstairs at any given time. Come summer, add a pair of sandals to the mix. I don't mind shoes, I just want them neatly in a row. Drives me nuts when they have one shoe here and one shoe toppled on the other end of the designated area rug.

Brendan said...

I might have titled this post "Sole Survivors."

I admit to a weakness for such nonsense.

Beth said...

Welcome - and I've never had anyone say they envy the clutter, so thanks!

I guess if I had a daughter, the pile would be bigger. It's actually a pleasure when the girlfriends' shoes are added to the pile. Some style!

Yesterday, the dog added two toys to the mix. (He greets people with these offerings.) Too bad I didn't catch of picture of that.

la la:
I love it, too!
Some would say the side door is a preferable designated area. I say, "Who cares?"

I hear ya! In the post picture, the shoes have been left in a fairly neat fashion. But there have been times I've tripped over a wayward shoe.

If you're aware of my personal history, that title is so apt.
If you're not, it was simply an amazing coincidence.

Patti said...

I know exactly what you mean. I call them stinky, but I love having a house full of boys.

Anonymous said...

Your shoes look so much neater than the ones at my house. Your house is definately a home Beth. A warm, loving home. That comes off the screen loud and clear. You are very lucky, but I suspect you know that. What a safe, loving and wonderful life for you and your boys. This made me smile.

Beth said...

I miss that "stinky" little boy smell. Now it's masked with male deodorant and after shave cologne!

I do know how lucky I am.
(Take care.)

Psychgrad said...

If I visit, I'll take my shoes off - even if you tell me to keep them on. It's a thing I've got. I don't like wearing shoes in the house. Who knows how many molecules of dog shit I've stepped on in those shoes?

cipriano said...

Interesting photo.
All the shoes at MY door [and they are all mine] have at least a bit of old or current cat-vom in them!
My cat INSISTS on using my shoes as a Regurge-O-Receptacle!

Minnesota Matron said...

Love that photo -- we have about 30 pair by our front door, I'm sad to say. Too many!