Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"As Useless As..."

I experienced a time of sober reflection and self-flagellation (not of the physical sort) while at the hairdresser’s yesterday. In fact, I am still reeling.

I overheard a woman (approximately my age) relate the following activities she has either recently engaged in or will be taking part in.

(Note – eavesdropping is a given at a hair salon. You can’t help but overhear these conversations.)

Her “To Do” List

Climb a mountain this summer.
Be a guest speaker on a cruise ship.
Host a party for 18 that evening.

Her “Recently Done” List

Completed a 10K run and came second.
Something about a massage. I think she gives massages. (Sometimes it’s difficult to hear over the sound of the hairdryers.)

I’m not 100% sure, but I think she is also a motivational speaker. (She certainly motivated me to get off my ass and do something…)

There was more, but I didn’t catch all the details. (Again, interference from the damn hairdryers.)

Not impressed? Well, if I heard all of this in under half an hour, just imagine what else she’s doing.

To add insult to injury, she has naturally curly hair.

I feel shallow and under motivated.

I am shallow and under motivated.

And I am NOT posting my own “To Do” list.


Trish said...

She sounds like my sister-in-law always talking about her 'achievements' and abilities in an offhand way like they are no big deal. And then following it with - "So, what are you up to these days Trish?"

Oh yeah. . . inferiority complex is my middle name.

My theory is that people like this are usually running from something and probably pretty miserable underneath the veneer of accomplishment.

But the naturally curly hair is unforgivable!

Lynda said...

Hmmm but did she write a blog post today?

I also have a theory... some people keep their diary so full just so they can avoid ever having to find out what it would be like to discover themselves alone with themselves...

God forbid "lets invite everybody first, just incase nobody invites us!"

The only person you can compete with in life, is yourself.

I think you are doing just fine the way you are right now.

Curly hair!! God forbid we should have to go back to the spiral perms of the 80's...nooooooooo

Sornie said...

SHe sounds overly motivated. Not that being active is bad but that sounds a stretched a bit thin.

oreneta said...

Meh...yours probably has unimportant things on it like be a great parent for three great kids, be a fantastic sister, a great blog buddy, a wonderful caring friend etc etc should worry, no?

You never know the whole story...maybe she is one of thoes superwomen, but that doesn't mean it's right for the rest of us....

ditto about the hair...gotta be ealous of THAT...for sure she hates it though..

charlotta-love said...

I was telling a friend the other day all the tasks I had To-Do. He told me he was getting tired just listening...which reminded me to chill out and relax.

Enjoying life. That's my new #1 task. Let other people run the 10-k. pass the chocolate.

Beth said...

I like your theory. It may not be true but it makes me feel better.
I'm glad I don't have a sister-in-law like yours.
(And "ha!" to the "unforgivable" curly hair.)

Competing with myself is definitely doable.
(Maybe she did write a blog post today - and does so every day??)

Thanks. I will now cross off "climb a mountain" from my new "To Do (Maybe)" list.

You're right. I never set my sights on becoming a Superwoman and won't start now.
You're also right about her hair - she used to iron out the curls.

My own "To Do" list is extensive - just not overly ambitious. And I'd pass you (what's left) of the Belgian chocolates Ted brought home if I could.

Beth said...

I bet she had on dirty underwear and her legs were hairy.....

La La said...

Sounds like she's a "performer." (Like the one described on my post today.) It makes me wonder what she's hiding from or running from or not facing.

See how I am? I have to imagine it as her flaw rather than face my own need to get off of my ass!


Thomas said...

But I bet that lady doesn't have a blog as good as yours either.

PrincessB said...

ok, i feel bad. I just found out today that with short hair, mine naturally curls. Sorry!

My "to Do" list usually is like..return overdue library books before they arrest me, clean the moldy fruit out of the fridge, write thank you notes from Christmas. So don't feel bad. :)

Mrs. G. said...

I am actually happy being an underachiever. I get super bitchy when I get very busy and scheduled. I'm sure you are nice and have much better hair. Your hair is what drew me to you-the picture on your comment thingie. I bet she doesn't read nearly as many good books as you.

Saucy said...

It is my opinion that most people, especially the ones with curly hair, lie when they are at the hairdresser.

Gary said...

She probably has halitosis and yells at her children - I certainly hope so :)

You do pretty well Beth - let' see her blog!

Brendan said...

Ah, you squishy support group types. Let's follow Saucy's hint.

Claim: Climb a mountain this summer
Reality: Takes one day

Claim: Be a guest speaker on a cruise ship
Reality: That's her day job, with a little travel

Claim: Host a party for 18 that evening
Reality: Hired a catering crew

Claim: Completed a 10K run and came second
Reality: Took her two hours. The only other runner, her dog, finished first when the leash broke.

Claim: She has naturally curly hair
Reality: Those of us with curly hair wish it were straight

Barrie said...

Well, we could make up a few stories for you to shout above the hairdryers before your next appointment? :)

Beth said...

Oh, you can be nasty! What you're saying is appearances can be deceiving, right?

la la:
Seeing it as a flaw is very tempting - but then that would be me not facing something (i.e. my ass dragging!)

Sweet (and comforting) but it's quite possible she whips off a few posts a day in her spare time.
(I like your new picture, Mr. Lawyer.)

princess b:
Your To Do list is procrastination oriented. I love it. Thus, I will forgive you the naturally curly hair.

mrs. g:
I'm thinking she probably reads all non-fiction and travel guides. Poor thing.
(Thanks for those kind words about my hair.)

What a marvelous, sweeping generalization. I love it!

The halitosis? I never got that close.
As for me, I can do better (although my breath is fine).

I like your interpretation of reality - your ability to read behind the lines. Wishful thinking, but it helps.

All it would take is some slight (?) exaggeration - along the lines of Brendan's comment.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Yes, eavesdropping at the hair salon is permitted...nay it is a must! she for real? I mean, was she saying all that for her own benefit, for her stylist's benefit?

I always wonder about people who share THAT much of themselves in public places...

Can't wait to see the hair ♥

patricia said...

Well, first I wish I could hear such interesting conversations when I get my hair cut! Last time I heard some sweet young thing yammering away for half an hour or more about some party she was planning. I recall hearing lots of 'you know's' and 'like'. Wanted to rip my ear drums out.

And this lady? Double meh. I'm with most of these folks here. Someone who feels the need to tell people all the things that they are doing or are planning on doing has issues. Even if they DO have naturally curly hair (reminds me of that minor character in Peanuts named 'Frieda', who was actually very much like this woman, singing her own praises, and telling people, "Please don't hate me because I have naturally curly hair." I recall Lucy wanted to smash her face in. I'm with Lucy).

Lynn said...

I hate people like her. I alwasy feel like such an underachiever. Plus it exhausts me just thinking about all her activities.

Beth said...

Perhaps it was for my benefit? And it worked. Temporarily.

I was not fond of that naturally curly haired girl in Peanuts either. Must people brag about it? You don't hear me bragging about my naturally straight fine hair...

Excellent point about the exhaustion. I forgot about that. I left the place depressed (sort of), overwhelmed and tired by all the things I'm not doing.

Shari said...

Motivational? It's almost discouraging to be around someone so gun-ho and running at full speed. Of course, that's just jealousy talking, never mind me.

That's a deal. Don't show me your to-do list, and I won't show you mine. ;)

VE said...

Oh yeah, well I beat her in the 10K, she'll be speaking on my cruise ship where she's hosting a party in my honor because I'll be climbing 16 mountains this summer (and invited her on one of them), plus my hair is more curly. So there!

Attila The Mom said...

"Motivational Speakers" aren't human. They are Borg.

Run far far away, and embrace your essential humanness.

If you hang around them too long you'll get sucked in.

Resistance is futile.


Beth said...

Our "To Do" lists will remain top secret.

Can I be your manager?

How did you know that, "Embrace my essential humanness," is now on the top of my list of things to do?