Thursday, May 29, 2008

(Recent) Moments in a Life

1. Despite my protestations otherwise, I’ve discovered I can find the right clothes in my cupboard to kick ass in downtown Toronto amidst all those fashion-plates.

2. I took a cab this week. If I had dismissed the cabbie as simply another recent immigrant (as many tend to do) who fractures the Queen’s English (a Canadian/British expression), I would have missed a great conversation with a man who has been driving a cab for thirty years with fascinating tales to tell about some of the big-wigs here in Toronto.

Granted, our conversation was a challenge due to his heavy Indian accent and my frequent use of the word “Pardon?” (polite translation for, “What the hell did you say?”) but it was worth it. I tipped him well. Great guy.

3. Is anyone else leery of those automatic flush toilets?

You know, the ones that flush while you’re just standing there hanging your purse on the door hook?

I said a little prayer during my pre-meeting squirt – somewhat concerned about my clothes. (See # 1 re: kick-ass. I did not want a wet one…)

And this is not one of Beth’s “obsess about something that will never happen” scenarios. It’s happened to two of my kids.

(God, I wish I could have been there to see that!)

4. Last night at Book Club not one of us could remember the title of the book we’d discussed at our last meeting. But we could rhyme off the titles of ones we’d read years ago.

We’re in big trouble.

Or, looking at it in a positive way, we’re getting to the point where we can read the same book over and over again and it will always remain new to us.


Sherry/Cherie said...

What a light hearted way to start my morning -- wet backsides from auto flush toilets!! Picturing you in that cab saying "pardon" -- because I've been in that same position with a thick accent and NO clue what was said!! Memory loss -- group memory loss no less. Ah you are the sunshine in my morning.

You could make a t-shirt -- "kick ass not wet ass" -- wouldn't people wonder about THAT??

oreneta said...

My kids have been terrified of those automatic toilets since they could first sit on them, you see, if your really tiny, and kinda wiggly, they flush repeatedly while your still sitting on them with an enormous roaring cold air blasting explosion. Horrors.

Not only might you fall down the damn hole, it's coming up to get you!

I am the one with the thick accent here...glad you listened to what they had to say.

Trish said...

I like your positive outlook regarding memory - now I know why I keep all my favourite books around! I'm looking forward to reading them again for the first time.

Beth said...

I HATE those toilets! I can flush it myself, thank you very much....

you are funny girl!!! And I know you looked HOT, strutting your stuff in toronto!!!!!

Casdok said...

Flush toilets......i run a mile!!

Beth said...

Happy to be your sunshine this morning. And it's another lovely day in Toronto! (So why am I at the computer?)

They're about as creepy as outhouses - maybe a little cleaner.
As for accents - thick or no, they're speaking two languages and (unlike you) I can't - don't even possess a decent French vocabulary.

Eventually, we can get it down to one book...

So can I. Once. When I'm finished.

Hard to run when you gotta "go!"

Lainey-Paney said...

little tip for the toilet: a sticky note tucked in your purse, and then strategically placed over the automatic flushing sensor will do the trick & delay the flush until you are ready.

Just a little something I picked up as a mom in this day & age.

Mrs. G. said...

My husband and I watched FORTY MINUTES of a movie the other night before we both realized we had seen it only sixth months before. Scary.

Shari said...

Ugh. Flush toilets. Upside? You don't have to touch it to flush it. Gotta work on their timing and water pressure...

linda said...

How about the auto flush toilets that flush when you are on them? I always manage to forget which stall that one is in at the office and realize it only when it's too late!!

cipriano said...

I HATE buying clothes. They cost too much.
I'm all for mandatory nudity.

Some of the nicest perople I have ever met are the Immigranty Cabbies. Not kidding.

Did I ever tell you about the Chapters toilet that ate a really good pair of my sunglasses?

This is the first sign of Alzheimer's.
Second sign of a stroke! [First sign is forgetting you already have Alzheimer's].

Eileen said...

I love talking to taxi drivers (don't need them here, but when I am on vacation). I have learned some of the most interesting things! However, there was a guy in the Bahamas, very friendly, but his dashboard was covered with glasses of Bahama Mama's. A bit of a wild ride.

Flush toilets, I swear they play with my head, on purpose. I can never get them right.


La La said...

You're hilarious! I hate those toilets too. They scare me with their surprise flushes. I always jump.

Love the outfit. Cracked up about not remembering the book! I can so identify with that.

Beth said...

Excellent tip - although I may have trouble figuring out exactly where the sensor is.

mrs. g.:
Comfort yourself with the fact those 40 minutes must have been worth watching twice.

...and those sensors...(see Lainey's comment)

That's my fear about all auto flush toilets! I don't trust any of them.

#1. I'm not.
#2. Heartily agree.
#3. No, and I'm getting a visual here I don't want...
#5. Group Alzheimer's has got to be a first.

There are moments while in cabs I simply shut my eyes. (Crazy drivers!)

la la:
Jumping is ok as long as you're not already sitting on them.
As for my outfit - note: no picture posted for evidence. Everyone has to take my word for it. (ha!)

Charlotta-love said...

Oh self flushing toilets. Those freak me out. The first time one flushed on me I ran out and told my dad. He casually asked, "What did you think about the automatic sinks?"
"The sinks are automatic?"
"Did you wash your hands?"
"Um...I'll be right back."

Lynda said...

LOL at the toilet - I recently checked into a hotel and couldn't work out how to turn on the tap to wash my hands! Suddenly I felt like a doddery old bird when miss 6 walked in and did it without even thinking.. so when did THAT happen!

Love chatting to taxi drivers.. they see the best and worst of all mankind.

Jules said...

Loved the post. Hate the memory loss.
Hate the wacko self-flushing things they call toilets.Trying to put paper on the seat to sit on and it gets fluched before you are finished. Finding a place to put your purse, while trying to hold the Door-that-does-not-lock closed with one hand, and wipe with the other. *sigh*

Attila The Mom said...

Hehehe. I always think that those automatic toilets will take on a life of their own, ala "Hal".

"No Attila, you cannot open the stall door until you polish my knobs".....

Princess Pointful said...

I despise those automatic toilets, just because I get frightened that someone else is going to judge me when they start flushing at the rate of several flushes a minute due to no fault of my own!

Gary said...

You're funny Beth! And with a point always...