Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hate Me

When you feel you’ve let others down, disappointed them with your words, actions (or inaction) you tend to react in one of two ways.

You either feel regret, remorse and guilt OR you become defensive, angry and frustrated with the unrealistic expectations that were placed upon you. (And I will begrudgingly admit that at times I bring on the disappointment of others by having unwittingly given them a false impression of who and what I am.)

Or perhaps you experience a mixture of all the emotions noted above – none of which are good for you.

I love the following song because it enables me to release those negative emotions. I will sing the chorus (my favourite part) loudly – with gusto and great emphasis.

I actually surprised one of my kids the other day when I came in the house laden with groceries and singing at the top of my lungs, “Hate me today!” And while not a proponent of hate, when I’m singing that chorus I’m like, “Hey, bring it on…”

Anyway, give it a try. Might help. Or listening to it will simply confirm the (false?) impression I’m giving of myself on this blog. That I’m crazy. I’m not. I don’t think. But I will grant you the possibility that I’m slightly eccentric and/or that my taste in music doesn’t jive with that “sweet, nice” Beth.

(Please note: I am not a recovering alcoholic or suicidal. Despite what a song might actually be about, I have a tendency to take what I want from lyrics.)

And to all those who faithfully leave comments, I suspect you may be perplexed as to commenting on this post/song. Not to worry. You’re off the hook.

Hate Me – Blue October


Lainey-Paney said...

I like a lot of Blue October songs. I love the "Into the Ocean" song...although it doesn't really suit my personality or how I'm usually feeling. But, I'm a lot like you in the fact that I generally take what I want from lyrics. boring would life be without music?

Lizabeth said...

We've all been there. I find that diving deep into the negativity helps me release it, too. Love that song.

Psychgrad said...

I don't Beth...I still consider you to be in the moderately normal crowd.

I find blogging can be weird that way because if you write something, it takes on a greater life than it might if it were only part of a spoken conversation.

Mrs. G. said...

I like it. Perfect for today.

oreneta said...

I have never heard of Blue October before, that was pretty good...thanks for the heads up!

Beth said...

I love "Into the Ocean," too.
"Let the rain come down..."
(It's actually raining here right now.)

Glad you mentioned that. I forgot to say that singing the song ends up lifting my spirits.

"Moderately normal." I like that.
And you're right about blogging - people have more time to read into what you write - and often discover more than is actually there.

mrs. g.:
Glad you liked it - hope it helped.
(Those little critters can be frustrating.)

A great group. But I will admit that a song about hate is a little offbeat for me.

Patti said...

Hey!!! I LOVE this. In a sick, pathetic, non-facetious way, I picture my ex singing it to me. It's an image that makes me feel free of him in a tingly, warm fuzzy way. Oh...sweet release. Thank you!

Patti said...

(Because that's exactly the kind of person he was/is.)

Beth said...

My pleasure. Glad the song helped. And you're not sick or pathetic. That's what music can do - help us express what we feel and offer some kind of release.
(Sorry about what you had to go through.)

La La said...

I like that song. I'd never heard it, but I LIKED IT. So, who knows what that means about me, but it was liberating for a lot of reasons!!!

MyUtopia said...

I love Blue October, they are so EMOTIONAL.

Eileen said...

I never heard of Blue October, but I am going to look them up. I really liked this song, totally got it and can see why you sing it out loud at times. It made me feel better, just listening to the words. They get it.

Thank you for this, I can't believe how much I loved it.


Beth said...

la la:
What does it mean about you? Well, for one thing, it means you're like me. Music allows us to let it all out! (Whatever "it" is.)

Perhaps that's why none of the regular male readers left comments?

It's (kind of) strange how such lyrics make us feel better but as MyUtopia said, "They are so emotional." Apparently a lot of women can relate.
Glad you liked it!

Angela said...

Great song, Beth. Perfectly time for me. I appreciate it. The word that keeps popping up for me is "weird," so hopefully you know you're in good company!