Monday, March 24, 2008

My Life in Six Words

Dorky Dad (sort of) tagged me to sum up my life in six words.

I say “sort of” because he used the words: “And I won’t oblige BookBeth to do this meme… but I won’t complain if I read it on her blog sometime in the near future.” It’s hard to resist such a decisive challenge.

Interesting. I’d previously posted about The Six-Word Memoir back in March 2007 inspired by Tim of Baby Got Books. I invited others to submit their creations and posted them on my blog. Some of us (myself included) also submitted our memoirs to Smith Magazine.

Last week I received an email from Smith Magazine alerting me to the fact the book Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure has been published with great success. (Is mine included? Don’t know.)

So, for Dorky Dad, I have once again summarized my life in six words and once again, I invite others to join me. Leave your memoir in the comments section and I’ll post them.

You can also submit to Smith Magazine. They’re going to publish yet another book. It’s simple to do and you could become a published writer!

My contribution(s):
(I cheated – I did three – theme – life is a game…)

Still figuring out how to play.

Penalties, off-sides
Tripping, face-offs
Shoots, scores!

skipping along
tripping along
still dancing

Come on, you guys, play with me!


Mrs. G. said...

It's Monday morning and I'm happy.

I think that says it all for me. Have a great day, Beth.

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

strong, spiritual, living an undefeated life

how's that?? :)

and then I realized -- breathe -- I wrote it without breathing..gak..what IS this?!?!

megan said...

Learn, grow, teach, mind, worry, smile.

All Mod Cons said...

Small Monkeys
Large Speakers
Itchy Feet

Beth said...

That's a beautiful one.

(Now breathe...)

(We) have to "learn" to omit the "worry."

Those itchy feet will soon be scratched - by travel!
(I don't know about those monkeys though.)

Shari said...

Positive, silly, hope, growth, simple, sharing.

Anonymous said...

Forgiving past mistakes,
and loving today.


Dorky Dad said...

No way Beth. I already wrote mine. You can't get me to do it again!

Beth said...

Wonderful summary.

Not only a great memoir but great advice.

dorky dad:
Fair is fair - I didn't leave one on your blog!

charlotta-love said...

Live to the fullest: no regrets.

Anonymous said...

Hmm cool exercise - I'll have to think on that for a bit.

Anonymous said...

The hockey theme? Why does that not surprise me?

VE said...

Mine is and continues to be:

What the hell was he thinking?

Nomad said...


Aw Beth you are too cool...

that was fun, and ........

...................I held my breath too!


La La said...

Do all to stand. Stand firm.

Anonymous said...

Laugh, learn, lust, live, love, lie (flat).

Brendan said...

Sorry to be late. Here's mine.

No, that wasn't it. This is:

No, that wasn't it, either. Here:

Okay, now I'm really getting stuck.

An egotist with an inferiority complex.