Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

“Somebody around here hath murdered sleep.”

Seymour – An Introduction
J. D. Salinger

Having a wee bit of trouble lately catching a sufficient number of zzzzzzzz’s.

Happy to report I am still functioning at my usual level of brilliance (I think) and have retained my sense of humour (I think.)

But what the bloody hell is going on with these 3:00 a.m. wake-ups??

Perhaps I am a tad grumpier.

But no one around here DARES TELL ME THAT TO MY FACE!!

And I take comfort from the words of Leonard Cohen:

“The last refuge of the insomniac is a sense of superiority to the sleeping world.”

The Favourite Game
Leonard Cohen


Sherry said...

I'm all sympathy about the lack of zzzz's -- especially waking in the middle of the night -- damn hormones!! That's what I put it down to -- lack of, that is.

I love the quotes -- especially the Cohen...

YOU? Grumpy?? Get back on that treadmill -- that'll fix the grumpies and it might even tire you out sufficiently to sleep through the night....

Anonymous said...

Love it, and I am so relating! The quotes are wonderful! I hate when my eyes just open, and stay open in the middle of the night. So frustrating.

Last night I was up until 3:00am, but this time it was with a child, with a confirmed case of the flu. Usually, I am up all alone. I now appreciate being alone, in the middle of the night.

You grumpy? Never!

Barrie said...

You quoted from The Favourite Game???

Beth, you are the best! Bring on the Can Lit!

And, yeah, I battle with insomnia. Must be something to do with our brilliance and beauty. :)

Beth said...

Get back on the treadmill? Who ratted me out?
I use it regularly. (Some days....)

I just don't understand the middle of the night thing. I'm tired - I want to be asleep.
As for me being grumpy? I'm afraid so. It happens.

Insomnia caused by our beauty and brilliance? Best explanation EVER!

Mrs. G. said...

I have battled with insomnia for the past twenty years, and I have never felt superior to the sleeping world. I envy them and spend most of the waking time calculating how few hours I have left to sleep. I don't recommend this technique.

Great time to write a book, though. Get busy.

oreneta said...

My deepest sympathy, hate it hate it hate it...don't nap....!!!

Good luck.

Beth said...

mrs. g:
My recent dilemma pales in comparison to your 20 year plight. How have you coped?
Not a good time to write - really - at least for me. I've tried.

Naps are deadly - but sometimes necessary. (As you know...)

Anonymous said...
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Shari said...

Most of the time, I'll get about four hours of sleep, then I wake up. It never fails. Why? Sometimes, I have to take care of business. I must have a small bladder and it can't wait until I have had at least 7 hours of sleep. But I'll get sleepy by evening, but HAVE to stay awake till the kids go to bed. Other times, I'll crash and I'll sleep through the night.

Hope you can get some rest to keep the grumpies away.

Beth said...

How do you manage your studies on four hours sleep a night???

patricia said...

I've heard people who don't sleep much (and who are workaholics) say to me, "You can sleep when you're dead". Good point, but a little sleep now and then sure makes living a hell of a lot more fun. And I can't really picture you grumpy. Maybe if you were running on the treadmill. Would that make you grumpy?

Funny...lately I've been having some great naps...do you think I've been stealing your sleep?

Lynda said...

Sleep is all I think about some days. The noise of Cairo disturbs my beauty rest - people think nothing of honking their horn at 3:30am or having loud conversations in the street.. or even hammering a nail into the wall to hang a picture (as happened last week) - Whether it is broken sleep or insomnia... it is horrid.

Princess Pointful said...

I am the opposite lately... I used to never be able to doze on, say, a plane or bus. Now I fall asleep seemingly everywhere!

Beth said...

Don't mess with a tired woman!!!!

take a really good nap today...all cozy and warm. My grandma used to say she was going to "read a chapter" when she was really going to take a nap.

sounds like a plan!

Beth said...

Yes, I definitely think you've been stealing my sleep. Stop napping!

Your situation is far worse than mine (since I'm hoping mine is only temporary). Try earplugs???

princess pointful:
But are you getting a good night's sleep?
Hey, maybe you're going through a growth spurt!

I love that expression. Of course I would - it appeals to the "bookish" part of me.

Patti said...

Beth, that's awful! Sleeping is my favorite thing to do.

Sherry said...

Oh I'm sure you're on that treadmill...you must be..since I see you have listed it on your profile as something you like to do!!! Caught 'ya!!!