Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Trish started a meme as to the origins of blog names – so you have Trish to thank for the brevity of this post.

The name BooksEtc. is a no-brainer.

I love BOOKS, I occasionally review ones I’ve read and I also write about other topics (ETC.)

Didn’t take me long to come up with that name.

I do find it interesting that I’m referred to (or linked) by other bloggers by such names as BookBeth, BooklyBeth and Read Me I’m Booky.

The Book part of the name definitely stuck.

Which is fine by me. Certainly works better than EtcBeth.


Tim said...

I've always enjoyed your "Beth (The Toronto One)" moniker.

Lainey-Paney said...

"LIfe Is Just So Daily".

I once got a card from a friend, and it was a Mary Englebreit card. I thought it was so cute, that I had it hanging up in my office @ work. When I was at a loss for what I wanted to call my blog, I just looked around---and there was the card.
Bam. It stuck.

Sornie said...

It's a cool tidbit to know because some blog names make me wonder, yours, though, was, as you said, self explanatory.

Beth said...

Yeah, that moniker works well - but only until another Beth from Toronto discovers Baby Got Books!

I've wondered about your blog name - I like the way it states the obvious. Life is so daily...

As is yours! A Day in the Life...

oreneta said...


I would certainly agree, I would rather be bookBeth than etcBeth, it's a good name.

charlotta-love said...

In college, one of my friends called me Charlottalove. he and I eventually dated then broke up. So my name comes from an ex-boyfriend. lol.

...and I never doubted with your blog name. It seemed obvious to me.

Sherry said...

EctBeth sounds like something you'd cough up!!! Read Me I'm Booky is a bit, ahem...risque!!!

Dan said...

I like BooksEtc. And I like BethEtc.

And, of course, I like you! Hugs Beth!

Mrs. G. said...

I love your title and you have my favorite and certainly the loveliest comment photo of all it called an avitar?

Shari said...

I figured that out-your blog being about books and other random things. :) I do sometimes wonder about other blogs, though. I think mine are self-explanatory, too. :)

Marie said...

Interesting meme. Mine came from my love of word-play. I wanted to use my name somehow, and came up with Memarie Lane. I think of it as an interesting little side street full of kooky cafes and joke shops. It intersects with Fast Lane, but there's no light and the sign is half obscured by a tree so you really have to watch for it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and figured it had to do with something like that. However it came to be, I am just so glad that it is (your) here.

Beth said...

I love the name of your blog, cuz you give really good reviews of books...books that I wouldn't know anything about if it weren't for you.

Mine came about cuz I really am blind!! seriously...legally blind...instead of legally blonde...although I HAVE been blonde!

Beth said...

BethEtc. would be strange too - rather pompous and arrogant...

Of course, whenever I read your blog name I think of Led Zepplin!

Here's where that naivete comes into play - haven't a clue why that would be risque. Let me know and I'll take the culprit to task!

Well, you're in a very "likeable" mood - hugs to you, too!

I was going to respond with a funny retort but changed my mind. I'm quite touched by your kind words. And so, a simple thank you very much.

Your blog names are perfect!

I'll go looking for Memarie Lane - being sure to avoid the Fast Lane. (thanks for visiting)

Again, I'm touched. Thank you so much.

I wondered about Blind-as-a-Bat - now I'm wondering about you and driving!

Mary said...

My blog name grew out of a realization I had while reading some mama lit: I realized that I was way way beyond the hip mama point. You know, the "I'm so cool I barely notice I'm breastfeeding but my children wear hemp undies and sample world cuisine." I mean, there's definitely that stance out there in the land of mama literature. I realized I was just way more pedestrian. And older. Thus, Minnesota Matron.

Beth said...

Ah, that moment when reality sets in!
I don't think I was ever a hip mama - crazy, maybe, but not so hip.
Great blog name.

Pavel said...

BethEtc... I like that!
Of course, I like booksEtc as well.

You rock, no matter what you call yourself...

oreneta said...

Hi there again, I've given you an award, just cause I like ya so much...and cause I think you deserve it....cheers!

Beth said...

Thanks - so I rock by any name!

On my way to check it out...

Anonymous said...

You could also be "BooksBeth & More" because you have such a wide variety of life observations along with your book reviews.

Princess Pointful said...

I actually decided on this name for something that would need to be titled way before I thought of getting a blog... I just generally think the word "hijinks" needs to be used more often!

Beth said...

Thanks - that's so nice of you to say.
(Of course, my life observations could be dead wrong...)

princess pointful:
Such a great blog name. Not only should the word be used more often, there should just generally be more "hijinks" going on in the world. (Good ones, of course.)