Friday, December 07, 2007

Beth Emerges From Hibernation...

Pneumonia or Pleurisy (Waiting for chest x-ray results.)

My Preference:
Hoping like hell it’s pneumonia because that’s treatable with antibiotics. If it’s pleurisy, treatment consists of healthy living which, apparently, I’m having trouble achieving lately. (I’m working on it…)

Seasonal Plans:
To throw a Festive Christmas (PITY) Party!!
The guests will bring LOTS OF FOOD (so I don’t have to cook for a month) and LOTS OF GIFTS (so I can re-gift and forget about Christmas shopping).

Blogging Plans:
Probably somewhat erratic until the pain subsides. Having to scrunch over to the right wreaks havoc with my already crappy typing skills.

Word to the Wise:
If you are in good health right now, consider that the best Christmas gift ever and the only one you truly need.

Many thanks for all the kind, supportive comments left on my last post.

And God bless each one of my children for taking care of their Mom.


Anonymous said...

Oh my word...pleurisy? That sounds like something from middle ages. *shudder* and pneumonia is pretty bad too. I had it over Christmas about five years ago and the only good thing about it was that it got me off the hook for any Christmas shopping/hosting/prep work. And I sure was glad to be living in the time of antibiotics.

patricia said...

Oh no!! That's just horrible. It sucks to be sick at any time, and to be sick during the holidays sucks even more. And to be as sick as that? Oy. I can't believe I'm saying this,'s hoping it's pneumonia! 'Cuz that can be dealt with.

Take care of yourself, and yes, get everyone else to pitch in for you!

megan said...

Party? When? What time? I'll be there!

Princess Pointful said...

Does pleurisy mean liquid in the lungs, too?
Oh no... poor Beth.
Lots of healing vibes your way!!!

Gary said...


I suspect you already live pretty well, although I love your Christmas plan.

Whichever diagnosis, you'll need to take it easy for a while. Time to rest, read, sip fluids and enjoy those kids. If it's pleurisy you'll need to find the right way to lie down I'm sure. It probably own't be in front of a keyboard, so don't worry about blogging on the list of things to worry about.

Sherry said...

God bless those boys for taking care of you...when we question ourselves on the worst of days with "what was I thinking having children?"...something this happens and we say "oh yes, this is one of those good reasons". Seriously..I am glad that they have been there for you.

I'll vote for pneumonia if there's a choice...but then you'll be watching yourself from here on in (either way) whenever you get a cold because you will just be so susceptible.

Hope you've got lots of reading material and at this time of year there will be lots of good "junk" on tv to just while away the time.

Leave the stress to others!!

oreneta said...

Oh my goodness, I hope is pneumonia -how DO you spell that word - I was going to say the same as Trish, pleursy sounds positively midieval (I can't spell that either, no wonder Trish typed the middle ages)

Thank goodness for your kids and on-line rest rest...and pot lucks RULE!

Mrs. G. said...

Well this is no way to spend the holidays. Who's going to do all the shopping, decorating, baking, card mailing....oh wait, maybe you have the right idea. Just kidding...I am happy to be healthy and sad that you are not.

Rest up and read lots of books. I am loving one right now called Come Away by Amy Bloom. Fantastic!

laurenblogs said...

ugh... I don't know how I found your site but I saw the word pleurisy and cringed... I had that when I was younger and It felt like someone stuck a knife in me for about a month and forgot to take it out!

Good luck what ever it is!!!!


charlotta-love said...

Oh, ...I hope you get to feeling better. I do like your regifting concept. Brilliant!

Rebecca said...

Apparently, Benjamin Franklin had pleurisy, and then went on to become a Founding Father of the United States. (Yep, I had to Google this one).

I hope you feel better! (and thanks for visiting Apryl's blog)

Anonymous said...

Either one sounds pretty painful!! Two of my girls are just getting over pneumonia, and they still have no energy. Let us know how you are doing. You have been in my thoughts, so I appreciate the update.

I love how your sons are taking really good care of their mom. Make sure mom takes good care of her self, don't over do it. Keep resting, reading and resting some more. Don't let the holiday stresses get to you, you have the perfect excuse to lay low and take care of yourself.

Sending many healing thoughts your way. I wish I could send you lots of good books too, but I bet you have that covered!!

Shari said...

Take care, Beth. Get well soon. Good thing your boys are taking care of you. :) I hope you are better by Christmas.

BTW, I have to keep my eye on the word verification thingy. Sometimes I type it in and it doesn't show up and then type it again and bingo, I see that it made it to the beginning of my comment (see previous comment on your last post. Arrgh. That looks bad. Oh, well. Wanted to solve the mystery of why those six letters are there. :)

cipriano said...

Beth, I am sincerely wishing you the best news [results from tests] and recovery, ever!
What I want to know is this --> Can I come to your Pity Party?
I love a party.
If... if... medical ailments are a criteria for admittance, umm... I have a bum knee. Plus, I butter my bacon! And my [some would say "blasphemous" but I choose to think of it as "Gnostic"] version of The Lord's Prayer is, "Give us this day, our daily HAMBURGERS!"
I am a heart attack waiting to happen!
Will that get me in the door?
Can I come to your Party?

Sherry said...

I was just wondering today as my boys (yes the 2 boys have done this, not dad!) head to the Leaf there any connection to the Leafs winning games and your pneumonia/pleurisy thingy?!?! Not that I want you to stay sick or anything..even though I know you'd take one for the team!! Okay, stop laughing, it's making you cough! (and now we know why you were coughing when we had coffee at Second Cup!)

Palm Springs Savant said...

oh gosh Beth, hope you heal up fast. take care

Beth said...

Thanks for the good wishes, support and advice.
BTW, I am not really having a party! That was a joke! Ha ha.
And, Cip if I were having one, medical ailments would not be the criteria for admittance - fabulous, expensive gifts would be.
Sherry - If there is a connection between my lousy health and the Leaf's winning streak, I'm ready for them to start losing again! This is beyond taking one for the team. *cough cough*

Diesel said...

Well, I guess I'm hoping it's pneumonia as well. Either way, it sounds crappy. Hope you feel better soon.