Sunday, December 09, 2007

Because It's All About Me...

Post Script To My Last Post: To all who actually believe I am hosting a Christmas party – give your heads a collective shake! I haven’t been out of the house in a week. Although I do like my “bring a gift” idea. Pure genius.

I was tagged by Psychgrad of The Blogging Wagon to share 7 random and/or weird facts about myself.

This tag came at an opportune time because my brain is still not functioning at full capacity and I decided to cheat. Yes, cheat. I’m going to use some (not all) of the random facts I posted way back in time when my readership was, um, – how shall I say this and be kind to myself? – not quite at the level it is today.

(To anyone who recognizes these facts, bless you for still being with me.)

1. I have been known to *ahem* emit a burp (or two) at the dinner table. Never with company and never as a guest at someone’s home or in a restaurant. I know my manners but I happen to believe that burping is good for you.

2. I carry loose change in my pockets for the homeless — those who beg on the streets. I don’t care if they buy booze and cigarettes with this money.

3. I usually eat Cornflakes or Shreddies (healthy stuff) but occasionally indulge with Sugar Crisp Cereal. When I do, I add brown sugar. Many people find this appalling and/or crazy. I don’t care. I love the taste of brown sugar.

4. I absolutely detest intolerance of any kind — racial, religious, sexual — you name it. I either get furious, sad or extremely, deathly silent when I encounter it.

5. I keep my finger nails cut short. Yes, my nails are healthy and strong but I fidget with them when they get too long. And I don’t wear nail polish because it makes my fingers sweat. (I think that’s all in my head, but, nevertheless, my fingers do get sweaty).

6. Although I consider myself an intelligent woman, I can be naïve beyond belief. (Or “out of it.” I prefer naïve.) Ask my children. I am a reliable source of laughter for them. (Right guys? Cougar, BFF, FUBA….)

7. I own the infamous pregnant Midge doll – you know, Barbie’s best friend and the one Wal-Mart pulled from its shelves in 2002 for being inappropriate? My sister gave it to me for my birthday that year to make up for the fact our mother tossed ALL MY BARBIE, KEN AND MIDGE DOLLS while I was away at university. Nothing can make up for that travesty. (Thanks anyway, Zig.)

So, there you go….

These facts are really more random than weird, right? ‘Cause I know there are some people who consider me to be (at times) nucking futs. I thought of asking these people for some tips as to weird facts but thought better of it. I’m a little sensitive these days.

I’m going to tag the following people:


Here are the tag rules:

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2. Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

(This is a fairly long post but I’m still not 100% back in action. It took me a few days to write it. Please ignore any mistakes.)


Princess Pointful said...

I'm about to get sappy on you, Beth... but you have such a huge heart. Shines through even on such random facts.

Brown sugar is delicious. In the rare occasion that I bake with it (meaning the rare occasion that I bake at all!), I will eat way too much of the dough.

oreneta said...

OK, nailpolish doesn't make my fingers sweat, they just feel like they are screaming for air, as if a 300 lb sumo was sitting on them and squeezing ever atom of oxygen out...shoot, I could have used that for one of my seven weird things...I'll do it tomorrow, hope your hanging in there.

Psychgrad said...

I don't remember these I must be a relative newby... Thank you for playing!!!

I have a brown sugar weakness too. Some days I make oatmeal just so that I can put brown sugar on it.

Nail polish makes your nails sweat? Do nails even sweat? I can't wear nailpolish because I'll sit and peel it all off...killing my nails in the process.

I'm with you on intolerance. I get very angry and my mouth starts moving without much interaction with my brain.

FUBA? What's that? I've heard of FUBAR...

Anonymous said...

That nail polish thing is funny, I thought it was just me. I do like toenail polish though.

Glad you are on the mend.

Sherry said...

Really? No party?!?! LOL!!!
I'm with you on the gifts though...bring 'em on!!!

Love the randomness of you...even with the belching and the sweating finger nails (I did not know this could happen...I shall watch mine next time I paint them..ha!!). So...shall we call you "Bambi" if you are naive & innocent?!?

Thanks for the tag...I shall attempt this next "difficult" when there is nothing remotely weird or random about me!! LMAO!!!!

Shari said...

I hear it's a compliment to the chef in Italy (or is it France?) if you "ahem" burp at the table. So if you cooked, you complimented yourself. ;)

Aww. No party? I was looking forward to it. I guess the only party going on is the germfest. Take care.

Oh,..have done similar "random facts about me" memes. Hmm, will have to think about it and find new randomnesses about me.

Beth said...

Princess pointful:
Big heart, big burps!

Maybe if we're both like that about nail polish, it isn't so weird?
Looking forward to your weird facts!

For sure - oatmeal is a great (healthy) excuse for getting a brown sugar fix!
FUBU is a line of clothing (For Us By Us) and I referred to it as FUBA.
You kind of had to be was just one more in a long line of mistakes I make in front of my kids...

You, Oreneta and I! It's not weird!

When you put it that way ("belching and sweaty fingers") I don't sound particularly refined, do I?
I'm'll be able to come up with some interesting random and/or weird facts!

Following your logic, my kids LOVE my cooking! (They burp - a bit - too...we are charming.)
I think we all have many random/weird facts to reveal - or others could do it for us...

Beth said...

I misspelled your name (again!) in my post. I've corrected it. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

It is always so fun learning more things about you. Your list was fun, and I can identify with much of it. I too keep my nails short,and don't care for nailpolish. I hate when my finger feel sweaty!!
I love your big heart, with homeless people and your bottom line on intolerance!!

I have never been tagged for this, and I am looking forward to doing this. Thanks for tagging me!! This will be fun, I really am pretty weird...

Rachel said...

Was that the Barbie with the removable tummy that had a little baby inside?

I want one.

I keep my nails short by biting them all the time.

Mrs. G. said...

I thought I was the only grown woman in the world who had a weakness for Sugar Crisps. Now there are two. I do not judge you for the added brown sugar. I'm tolerant too.

Gary said...

Interesting list. A few of them are part of me too - not the Midge doll however, although I'd love to meet her. Having a doll Walmart pulled as inappropriate must match up with your #4 somehow...

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Nail polish is actually bad for you. Believe it or not, nail do breathe and they are more absorbent than one realizes, how do you think the polish sticks, it gets absorbed.

Beth said...

You're very welcome as to the tagging! I find it hard to believe that you are "pretty weird" but looking forward to discovering just how...

Yup, Midge's tummy is removable. (So much for the pain of childbirth.)
And you want one? Maybe we can make a trade...

Mrs. G:
I commend your tolerance - and your love of Sugar Crisp Cereal!

I suspect the burp part of the list is not part of you...
As for Midge - you'd love to meet her?! Perhaps...

I am vindicated. I am not weird. (At least not in that respect.)

Attila The Mom said...

My goodness, a fellow Barbie collector! I have that Midge too. LOL

Been reading back, and what a hellacious week you've been having. Hope your're feeling better!

Dorky Dad said...

So if I tell you that I hate fans of the Green Bay Packers -- not to mention the University of Wisconsin -- will you think less of me? I also hate bad drivers. And people who go into express lines at grocery stores with more items than they're supposed to.

cipriano said...

Excellent trivia, all of which confirm my initial suspicions that you are like WAY weird-o!
You are a riot.
Just for the record... I abhor white sugar granules stuff. I use only REAL [Gatineau] maple syrup in previously unsweetened cereal and HONEY in coffee, a la Starbucks and Winnie-The-Pooh.

Barrie said...

What is the blogging wagon?

Beth said...

Never mind blogging - wanna play Barbies?

dorky dad:
I could never, ever think less of you - and certainly not while you're adorned as one of Santa's helpers!

An endearing kind of weirdo though, right? Hopefully?

And, hey, how about my Leafs? They are kicking a**!

That was a rather useless link, wasn't it? The Blogging Wagon is a blog that has had to go private due to infiltration by undesirables!

Lori & Jeff said...


We found your blog because we follow any posts with the word "burp". And you thought you were weird.

Thanks for the great post. Glad we found your blog and we enjoyed the read.

I agree on many points - short nails with no nail polish is the way to go!!

So, next time you burp, maybe think of us and say "Burp For Fame".

Lori & Jeff and the World Burping Association and