Monday, November 12, 2007

Twisted Minds

I occasionally check Site Meter for my stats and while there I also check out unfamiliar and unusual domain names/ISP’s.

Nine times out of ten, these are hits from people who have Googled certain words or phrases.

Some are searching for reviews of books. This is good.

Some are not so good. I found four of this particular kind on Saturday – all linked to my post Little Girls and Big Bellies.

Three of the four were disturbing and I won’t note the search words used - doing so would simply attract more sickos.

Since I’m able to click to see the Google page they originated from, it’s obvious that particular post attracted people who were searching for ki**ie p*rn. (I am not spelling out these words.)

I wish I could report their IP address but I suspect if we all did that the detectives who specialize in these matters would be inundated.

The fourth hit wasn’t so bad. Actually, it was a relief after seeing the previous ones and gave me a bit of a chuckle.

The search words were, “beths big boobs.”

That was one disappointed dude who paid a visit to this blog hoping for a cheap thrill.


oreneta said...

I also get a fair number of*ty s*nta's h*lp*rs gets quite a few. They are all so disappointed when they find me.

Gary said...

Interesting. I've never looked at that for my blog and might now.


Beth said...

I've never looked at that either...maybe I will, but it is a little creepy...and sick.

All Mod Cons said...

HAD to try Google to see where you came under Beths Big Bobs (REALLY dodgy sentence in itself!). You're the 6th entry, now with 2 entries as you've typed it again in this post.

Either side of you are "Yahoo! Canada Answers: How big are Beth smith chapman boobs?" and "Big Boobs or Small Boobs? Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers". I'm meeting The Viking (pretty head honcho in Yahoo!) on Wednesday & will tell him Yahoo! Answers has a lot of boob related questions. He probably won't be surprised.

Who on earth is Beth Smith Chapman anyway?

Mrs. G. said...

Well gross...I don't know how to do what you did to find that information, but I don't think I want to. I'll just sit ignorantly behind the screen and assume that my readers, for the most part,are normal...or pretty much normal.

Sherry said...

I don't get much of this but I am going to be very careful in future what words I use in my posts. Too much "sick" stuff out there as we will both agree!!!

Psychgrad said...

That's just lovely...

My sitemeter is wierd. It always says that people are looking at my page for 0 seconds and I never see people doing a search and ending up at my page. Do you pay for your sitemeter? I'm just wondering if mine is crappy because it's free.

Beth said...

The fact that they're disappointed when they see our blogs is the only good thing about it all.

Thank you so much.
I'm not going to try those search words myself - I prefer to trust you on that!

It's not all sick. I love to see that people from all over the world read my book reviews.
Those others? Meh to them.

all mod cons:
My boobs are at #6? What a thrill! (What a joke...)
Beth Smith Chapman? No idea.

I'd classify myself as one of your "pretty much normal" regular readers. (Wouldn't go so far as to say I'm "normal.")

Don't ever censor what you write. Don't give those "sick" people any control over your blog. Seemingly innocent words scattered throughout your blog can make it on Google in the wrong way.

Nope. Don't pay for Site Meter. Somewhere in their "FAQ" info it explains why the time can just show 0 seconds.

Pavel said...

wow. I never thought about that, though I should have. I just did a google search for "pavel blog" and I got a lot of blogs from Russian people with my name.

Beth said...

I know of one other Pavel. Pavel Kubina of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. You're in good company!

Shari said...

I get a lot of googlers, too. Mostly they are looking for the information I provide from topics about RP or Usher (there's a band by that name, too) to Oticon Sumo hearing aids. Some are so unrelated to what the googler is looking for that it's a dead end.

Sometines, I get a lot hits for "Kourtni". Is there a famous person with that name? Don't tell me if it's a p*rn actress or something. Yuck.

Beth said...

I'm shocked you think I would know the name of a p*orn actress! (Kidding...)
Maybe they're looking for Courtney Love and spelling it wrong?

Nomad said...

HI Beth! Ew... how awful, so far I seem to have been able to escape that route so far...guess I need to sullie up my language a
I checked out the g*rls with b*llies post, what a great photgraph.
I would love to try to render it some day, would you mind? I just love what is going on in the picture and the image of you with your belly is so sweet.

T*mmy said...

Hi Beth, I'm here from Sherry's blog and it is so nice to meet you. I'm like you I check my site meter from time to time and some of the silliest stuff is searched for. This is quite often why I put the little asterik in some well know phrases or names!

I went back and read your Little Girls post and I think you would like my post today...let me know what you think...

I'm glad Sherry mentioned you as I'm now bookmarking your site, I hope you don't mind =)

Anonymous said...

Some people are just too sick, so I went to check on my stats and got:

"dentures make my jaws hurt"

Not quite as exciting as "Trish's Big B**bs"

Anonymous said...

Which would have gotten zero hits I might just least now I know I'm known online for dental work LOL

Beth said...

I would be honoured if you used that photograph. If you do, perhaps you could show me the result?

Welcome - and of course I don't mind you bookmarking my site.
I'll check out your post.

Now I'm wondering - does it work if you google words using asterisks (like Trish's Big B**bs)?

MyUtopia said...

It is scary to think of all the people on-line looking to exploit and victimize children.

Lainey-Paney said...

I get weird ones sometimes too. Sometimes pornish-related, but never anything that leads me to believe k(((ie porn.

Anonymous said...

Beth, I put site meter on my blog, just yesterday, after reading your post. I am curious now what it is all about, an who really can find our blogs. In one day, I was shock to see such a large number of hits, cause I don't ever get close to that number of comments. I still don't undertand what it all means, but I'm learning. It is a little creepy, especially hearing what came up on yours!!
Sad there are so many sickos out there looking for very sick things.
Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

GAAA don't even go there...

They'd be mighty disapointed anyhow.

Princess Pointful said...

I get some foul ones... but at least they remain legal.

Except for "peeping under a high school girl's skirt".


Dorky Dad said...

Crap. I had a wonderful, witty and intelligent comment all ready to go, but then you had to go and mention the word "boobs" and then I got all distracted.

T*mmy said...

Hey gal, come get your award at my blog today!

Beth said...

It certainly is frightening - one of the downsides of the cyberworld.

It's amazing what our innocent sites can attract.

All those people who go to your blog and don't comment? That's where the term "lurker" comes from. And lots of lurkers are good people - they just don't care to leave a comment.

I actually tried googling "Trish's Big B**bs." It doesn't work with the asterisks.
And I'd rather get hits for dental work than the other stuff...

princess pointful:
Very "ew." And despite the sicko hits, I will continue to write what I want to. If "they" come to my blog they'll just be wasting their time.

dorky dad:
Well, you're certainly easily distracted!

Will check it out...

Attila The Mom said...

Heh. The post I wrote a week or so ago about faith + film got listed on a porn blog site (not sure why, how, etc), and I've been getting a dozen hits from there.


Beth said...

Doesn't matter what our subject matter is - if we use those certain key words, it happens. But to get hits from a post on faith? That's a new low.

Melissa said...

this is really interesting! there is a porn star in the UK named melissa walker, and whenever she's in the news, my blog gets a lot of hits. sigh. oh well. :)