Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Friends (and a just a little bit of hockey)

I’m trying to write this post and watch the Leaf/Montreal hockey game at the same time. It isn’t working out well. (The post that is – not the hockey game. The game is tied at 0-0 right now. For a Leaf fan, this is good.)

Anyway, just wanted to say – yet again – how wonderful this world of blogging is. My network of friends is expanding both in the virtual world and the “real” world.

On Monday I met Sherry from Sage and Thyme for coffee. Instant “click.” We chatted for ages. Sherry is as inspiring in person as she is on her blog. Such a lovely lady. Thank you for your words of wisdom, the smiles and the laughter.

(Montreal just scored. Crap.)

Yesterday, I met my buddy Patricia from BookLust for coffee. I think we kept the people around us well entertained. I swear, the two men to my right were listening very carefully to our conversation. Way too much silence at their table.

Patricia had the added bonus of meeting my son Ted. (He works nearby and drove home with me.) They made each other laugh. Big surprise!

(The Leafs just scored! I’m pumped.)

I wish I could meet more of my blogging friends in person, but having cyber friends is such a blessing, too.

(Perhaps it was rude of me to intersperse hockey tidbits with my tales of friendship? I prefer to think of it as multi-tasking.)

P.S. The Leafs lost in overtime. Again.


Sherry said...

Honey, not to burst your bubble but the Leafs ALWAYS lose in overtime!! Total tension in my house last night...DH loves the Habs, youngest son loves the Leafs...I'm Switzerland!! :)

It was incredible spending time with you...we'll do it again soon. Glad you had another opportunity for some one-on-one time...and of course I'm sitting here thinking "what were they talking about that had those men so fascinated!!!" LOL!!!

Tim said...

Beth, I will be eternally grateful that you answered my question last hockey season about why it's "Leafs" and not "Leaves." It was keeping my up nights. Now I can concentrate on trying to recognize offsides when I see it.

And the Thrashers are terrible this year so far...

Beth said...

My bubble's been burst for years regarding the Leafs. But hope springs eternal!

My conversation with Patricia got a little raunchy at times. If you want to see that side of me when we next meet (and we will meet again!) let me know. It's there for the asking...

Beth said...

I could do a post explaining overtime! Nah, I'd bore everyone to tears.
And, hey, Atlanta won their game in overtime last night!

Susie said...

Hi Beth,
Just stopping in from Tammy's to say hi. How fun it must have been to meet fellow bloggers.

Barrie said...

I enjoyed the hockey news interspersed with your blog. :) Whoever thought there'd come a day when I missed Hockey Night in Canada?! I'm glad you and Sherry had the chance to meet for coffee. Okay, and a little jealous. :)

Beth said...

OK, I am feeling really neglected here...I wanna get together too!!! :(

I'm such a baby....

All Mod Cons said...

"Cyber Friends" sounds really dirrrrrty...

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Beth,
I am coming by way of Tammy from My Gentle Retreat. Congratulations on your Community Blogger Award from her. Tammy is such a sweetie. I love reading her blog everday. I have my own blog called Karen's Korner. I am fairly new to the blogging world. I do hope you will stop by sometime and visit. I enjoy meeting new friends and all. Just thought I would stop by and visit. Take care my friend and have a great Wednesday and God Bless You.

Karen H.

patricia said...

Can't discuss hockey news in any way shape or form, but can say I had great fun, Beth, and Teddy is a wonderful young man.

Nomad said...

Hi Beth!

What a very nice post, and I love that the Blog-relationship can mature a bit without strings, gee that sounds sort of funny, but I think after reading somewone for a while you DO get a feel for them and who they are which is really nice.
Hope we can meet someday too!

Princess Pointful said...

Haha... but that is representative of real life for us hockey fans, isn't it?
I am jealous that your blogger-real life border is a little more permeable than my own.

Shari said...

For me, it's so hard to make friends. I am shy. The ones I used to hang out with live too far away and we drifted apart. I have a family to take care of. I just can't "meet" people. I love blogging and it's nice making cyberfriends. I think it's wonderful that you can meet some in person. :)

oreneta said...

Nice to have the hockey asides...I so like to hear about the same token I was just saying to the kids how it's kind of nice to live in a city where the local team, here Barça, actually wins sometimes...indeed they are at the top of the league right now!

Mrs. G. said...

I don't mind if you talk about sports when we're having a an entirely unrelated sort of reminds me of evenings with my husband.

How cool to meet up with fellow bloggers. I'm hoping that's in my future.

I am reading and enjjoying a great book today called The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perrotta. Also have you read Stewart O'nan?

Beth said...

It is wonderful being able to meet fellow bloggers in person! Thanks for stopping by.

Glad you enjoyed the hockey tidbits!

Add "ticket to Toronto" to that Xmas list of yours. (The realistic one.)
I'd love to meet you, too.

all mod cons:
But you know it isn't!

karen h.:
Thanks for visiting. I'll pay a visit to your blog.

It was great fun and, yes, Ted is a wonderful young man. (And I'm not biased at all.)

Let's try for next summer. So sorry it didn't work out this summer. Hope you'll be back in town then.

princess pointful: for thought. Real life - watching hockey? Writing a post for a blog? I'm glad I fit in some real world encounters there...

I know how lucky I am to have blogging friends nearby so that we can visit. But, as I said, cyber friends are wonderful too. Such as yourself!

It's been way too many years without a winning hockey team in this city. You kind of get used to it...although you always hope.

mrs. g:
Hope it's in your future too!
Just finished The Abstinence Teacher last week. Enjoyed it.
Haven't read Stewart O'nan (or maybe I have - brain cell depletion happening here). I wrote down the name and will check him out. (His books, that is.)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got to meet Sherry! How wonderful for both of you, it sound like a great time. I loved your friendship/hockey post, it had me laughing and a little bit into the game. I am very sorry the leafs lost.

Beth said...

I appreciate you being "sorry" but you have to know - I am so used to this team losing. Sort of.
And you got into the game with this post? I should do a complete play-by-play post!
(Don't worry - just kidding.)

Sherry said...

Love the last comment Beth...

Beth does "foster hewitt"
Beth does "Ron McLean"
Beth does "Bob Cole"
Beth does "Don Cherry"...

oh wait..the whole "Beth does" sounds raunchy!!

Must remember that for our next meet and greet!! And you KNOW I will mention this!! :)

Attila The Mom said...

Hehehe! It's wonderful when you make new friends, especially in real life!

Glad you had a great time!

Beth said...

Foster Hewiit??? I have standards! The guy has to be alive...

(I think you have a raunchy side too - next get-together should be fun.)

And it's a good time in my life for this to be happening. (Hope your back is okay now.)

Psychgrad said...

I love the posts where you intersperse real life with the Leafs losing.

Sorry...that was mean. I had to write it and now I just can't bring myself to erase it.

Beth said...

I am simply devastated - hurt feelings, tears...
Nah, I'm laughing...

Gary said...

Yeah, the Canuckleheads lost in overtime to Edmonton last night.

I'll be in Toronto in mid-December if you want to add me to the coffee-with-blogfriends list.kzzofv

Sornie said...

I am just amazed that hockey is on TV. Here south of the border we only get to watch our mildly-loved Minnesota Wild and nobody else.

T*mmy said...

My Hubby is a restaurant evesdropper...he'll be quiet for a little while and then say to me, did you hear that? What? Oh what those people at the other table are saying...sigh....
Cute post!

JR's Thumbprints said...

I'm always apprehensive about meeting fellow bloggers due to the nature of my job. With Michigan's high unemployment and higher incarceration rate, I'd hate to meet some ex-felon. But I'm glad everythings working out for you. On another note: Go Wings!

cipriano said...

Isn't Peppermint Patty a GEM?
I met her in July.
She is a firestorm, with no extinguishers in sight!

Beth said...

Excellent play on words!
And our Patty is a rare gem.