Monday, October 15, 2007

Good Advice (thank you)

go for long walks,

indulge in hot baths,

question your assumptions,

be kind to yourself,

live for the moment,

loosen up, scream,

curse the world,

count your blessings,

just let go

just be.

Carol Shields


oreneta said...

Yes indeed, the anti-dote to the last post...hope your feeling better.

Casdok said...

Good advice is so simple!

BBC said...

"go for long walks"

On the beach...

"curse the world,"

Hey, don't get me started. :-)

"count your blessings,"

All I have is all I need...

"just be."

Just be me....

Nice blog. :-)

Beth said...

very good advice...think i'll do that...

Anonymous said...

'Question your assumptions'

A hard lesson that one. But one I have to remind myself of on a regular basis.

Screaming is good too.

Beth said...

An antidote for many things!
Have you read Carol Shields?
Great author.

It is good advice - just have to keep it in mind!

Yes, the cursing bit is very easily accomplished.
Thanks for visiting - and for your nice comment about my blog.

I love the mixture and the realistic nature of her advice. Of course we all know we should count our blessings - being reminded that a little screaming and cursing is in order is good to hear too!

I'm a little slack on that assumptions thing, too.
And sometimes it's actually hard to b kind to yourself.
The cursing I have down pat.

Nomad said...

Thanks Beth!



All Mod Cons said...

I'm not sure about the hot baths thing, but being kind to yourself is worth its weight in gold.

Beth said...

Yes, and that too! The breathing and meditation. It all helps.

all mod cons:
I knew if you read this post you'd pick up on the hot baths thing!

The be kind to yourself thing? I try.

Gary said...

Nice! I'm a fan of Epictetus (and I love Greek food too!) Samples:

Make full use of what happens to you.

Never suppress a generous impulse.

Self-mastery depends on self-honesty.

Sherry said...

Carol Shields was a marvel with the written word.
Excellent advice. And I love the cute photo that accompanies this!! It certainly speaks to my inner child!

Beth said...

"Make full use of what happens to you." Does one really have a choice? Good or bad, you deal with it.
(I guess it really means use it to your benefit, learn from it...I'm rambling here...)

I miss Carol Shields' work.
And doesn't that child look so sturdy and determined? That's a goal to strive for!

Diesel said...

Tried that once. It didn't take.

Shari said...

Who can beat that? We live in a fast-moving world with 25 hour days. We do need to relax, stop worrying, and just be. I like that.

Just be. :)

Princess Pointful said...

I adore Carol Shields. She has a great way of making the simple sound extraordinary.

Beth said...

If it didn't take for you, what are my chances?

"Just be" is the hardest one of all.

princess pointful:
Such an amazing writer!
I miss her.

Mike M said...

Simple rules. Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

My pleasure!

Mrs. G. said...

Lovely, I miss Carol Shields.

Angela said...

Absolutely marvelous! And such a great picture. Thanks, Beth.

Beth said...

She was an amazing, talented story writer.

I loved that picture, too.
And those words of advice...

Anonymous said...

Perfect Beth, just perfect. Thanks so much for sharing this today. So many good things to reflect on.

Beth said...

You're amazing.
Hope things are better in your world.

Dorky Dad said...

Gosh, I just did that about one hour ago. Felt good, too. (Actually, I don't think I cursed the world ...)

Beth said...

dorky dad:
So, unlike Diesel, it worked for you!
Good to know.
(I do tend to curse the world on occasion - let it all out - and that works for me.)

patricia said...

Damn good advice, dammit! (See? I just followed the cursing part).

Beth said...

Helps, doesn't it?
(Are you cursing about your allergies?)

patricia said...

I guess I'm in remission for the moment, but that may not last. Have to see an allergy specialist and get poked all over...which will, no doubt, encourage more cursing...

Beth said...

Which will, no doubt, help...
(I'm referring to the cursing.)

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