Friday, September 14, 2007

True as True

Yesterday, during my hydrotherapy pool class, we were using equipment while exercising.

The instructor (a lovely woman) called out in a delightful British accent, ”Is everyone happy with the size of their balls?”

(Yes, we were using balls.)

A brief hushed silence before the impossible-to-muffle snorts and snickers emerged.

There is one man in the class. Of course, we all glanced his way.

What a good sport – beet red but looked ready to bust a gut.

The instructor was oblivious. In fact, she went on to say, “Be careful with this next exercise. I don’t want anyone doing mischief to their bodies.”

More snorts and snickers. The over age sixty section snorted loudest.

(And, no, I am not part of that section…the age range of the class is twenty to seventy-five.)

I never said we were mature. I just gave an age range.

The exercises were great. The laughter was a bonus.

(And by the way, everyone was quite happy with the size of their balls.)

Have a great weekend!


oreneta said...


Shari said...

LOL. Thanks for a good laugh. How can the instructor NOT know how it could be taken in another context?

Hydrotherapy...sounds like fun. I saw in a flyer that a water aerobic class was being offered at the Aquatic Center or was it at the Y? Anyway, that seemed interesting.

(Oh, the poor guy. It had to be a shy one. Maybe it would have been better to be a women-only class.)

patricia said...

Oh that is funny. I wouldn't have snorted – I'd have burst out laughing full blast.

Hey it could have been worse – your instructor might have said, "Is everyone happy with their Thingumbobs?" ;)

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly adults can revert back to being 12 years old.

Beth said...

And "snicker."
It was an exceptionally good class!

She's a sweetheart - doesn't have dirty minds like the rest of us.
Hydrotherapy is fun - and therapeutic.

Yeah, you would have done a full blaster!

Bet no one would have known the meaning of "thingumbobs" except me - thanks to you.

Yeah, and it's fun.
Being mature isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Diesel said...

No one's ever asked ME that.

Beth said...

I guess the world simply assumes (correctly or not) that you're quite happy with what you've got!

(I will also assume - I'm not asking...)

All Mod Cons said...

Hmmm....floaty balls...

Beth said...

all mod cons:
Yes, and happy people!

Mamma said...


I used to date a guy named Clay. And I was taking ceramics. The professor would go on about how we had to knead the clay and work the clay. I couldn't help thinking, "he wishes."

Beth said...

What an advantage you had - your own Clay for practice! Gives a whole new meaning to the word "homework."

Lainey-Paney said...

well, i am just so pleased that you are satisfied with the size of your balls.


Beth said...

Well, to be honest, although the size was perfect they were water-logged. It was difficult doing the balancing exercise!

Anonymous said...

This is just so funny!! I have taken those classed, where we used balls, but they were all the same size and no men.

I can just picture it, English accent, prim and proper and guy turning beet red. Way too funny! I needed a laugh tonight, thanks!

Beth said...

Happy to oblige - glad it gave you a laugh!
We ALL need a laugh once in awhile - daily, if possible.

Princess Pointful said...

I worry about the people who don't find that funny!

Beth said...

princess pointful:
Yup, those poor people lead boring (albeit mature) lives.

Anonymous said...

LMAO, laughter is the best medicine

Beth said...

coffee mom:
Laughing (and snorting) certainly made the exercises easier!

Angela said...

Marvelous! Have you seen "Meet the Fockers"? The movie is filled with this kind of stuff, and I just adore it. Jon and I can't say the word "cream" or "organ" without snickering. It's wonderful!

Beth said...

That was a great movie. Glad to hear there are more mature people in this world! (*snort* *snicker*)

Attila The Mom said...