Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cryptic or What???

My Best Bud just called. (It is now late afternoon – Wednesday.)

“How are you?”

“Fine,” I replied.

And I was. I am. Actually, I’m better than fine. I’d just come back from spending the afternoon with Patricia from BookLust. Mucho laughter.


“Yeah, really. Why?”

“Well, about your blog post of yesterday…um…just wondering how things are in your world.”

Holy crap. Another well-intentioned misinterpretation. (I received some e-mails as well.)


Or, it was so cryptic that I missed it.

(God, I’m good. I function at such a deep intellectual and spiritual level that my subliminal skills remain hidden even from me…)

Okay. So now I “get it" as to how some of my favourite quotations from “Through the Looking Glass” interspersed with my own personal comments might have read like a sob story. Best Bud pointed out how it actually flowed – fit together - like a tale of woe. A light bulb went on.

To make matters worse, that post ended with, “So, if am quiet, you know why…” and then I didn’t post anything this morning!

Well, that’s because I was busy with mundane matters and then went out and had some fun.

Now I’m wondering – if I totally missed that whole cryptic message thing, could it happen again? Will I now be second guessing posts I write for fear people will think I’m letting loose with a “boo-hoo” moment? Will I have to try and censor myself? Noooo!! I don’t want to.

And damn. I have this great quotation from Franz Kafka I’d like to use in a post. But maybe everyone will think...oops, she’s done it again!

How about this? If I’m gonna whine, I’ll be upfront about it. I’ll preface my post with “Whine Alert.”

I’m just not into trying to interpret how people might misinterpret something that could be interpreted one way when I meant it to be interpreted another way…although I realize anything and everything is up for misinterpretation….

And so it goes….(Kurt Vonnegut)


Shari said...

And teens think they are the only ones "misunderstood"?

Sometimes things I say get twisted around. Ack.

At least you know you have friends who care about you. :)

Off to dream impossible dreams....

In Ink said...

Note to self: "Beth functions at such a deep intellectual and spiritual level that her subliminal skills remain hidden even from her."

Got it.

Or maybe bloggers just see what they want to see?

Dorky Dad said...

Just proving the importance of non-verbal communication ... Not even smileys can take its place.

All Mod Cons said...

I don't get it. Are there sandwiches?

Beth said...

Knowing I have "friends who care" - that's the nicest thing to emerge from this.
(enjoy your dreams...)

in ink:
Perhaps some bloggers do just see what they want to see. I prefer to think my blog pals (those who know my story) are prompt to extend a hand if they believe they're "hearing" a distress signal.
(thanks for stopping by)

dorky dad:
Hey, perhaps if I had put a smiley face in there? (Maybe not.)

all mod cons:
How could you miss the sandwiches? I snuck them in everywhere!

oreneta said...

OK, if I haven't misinterpreted your interpretation of my misinterpretation of your post....

Go for Kafka, it can only be funny.

patricia said...

"And so it goes...?" And just what the heck do you mean by saying THAT, huh?? ;)

Actually, you know what I thought you meant about you being quiet in that previous post? I thought it was referring to your sore mouth because of the dentist appointment! Ha! See how deep I am?

Thanks again for meeting me for lunch yesterday – had a fabulous time. Wouldn't it be fun if all of us bloggers could meet for a real-life party? I'd bring lots of wine...

Anonymous said...

That is one of the things I hate about communication is the risk of being misunderstood...probably why I keep to myself a lot.

As for your post yesterday, I did not see anything else into it other than you were busy reading.

Beth said...

I hate it when I say something and it's taken in a different light...

you're not cryptic Beth...You're YOU...and that's someone I love dearly.

Beth said...

Kind of confusing, huh?
I think I'll save Kafka for another day...much later...with a warning...

"And so it goes?" What do you think it means??
If you bring the wine, I'll bring some food (and I promise not to spit, drool or talk with my mouth full!)

Reading and thinking - and that was all!

Yup, I was being ME. Maybe a little off kilter and wonky, but just plain old ME.
Thanks - love you, too!

Anonymous said...

Just be yourself. That is what I love about you, seriously, someone gave me a Winnie the Pooh mug (and God knows he is an important source to quote from) that says "Happy being me" and I love that and I think it applies here.

Beth said...

Winnie the Pooh has it right - and I am "Happy Being Me." (Well, 90% of the time.)

Thanks for the kind, encouraging words.

Diesel said...

The tone of this post has me concerned. What are you really trying to say? Is something wrong?

Beth said...

Actually, I'm in the depths of despair - went back to Wonderland and the Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar won't share!

Princess Pointful said...

I guess blog posts are like poetry, in some senses. The meaning can even get away from the author when people put their own thoughts upon it!

Beth said...

princess pointful:
Well, the meaning certainly got away from me this time!
An interesting experience.