Thursday, September 20, 2007


I’m a misery today. Started yesterday and it’s carried over to today.

Caught a rotten cold from my two eldest. So much for hugging them. Or maybe it’s from being in the line of fire of their powerful sneezes? (They do cover their mouths – the force is just too fierce...)

Had an early morning appointment with the doctor yesterday to have blood drawn. And had to fast prior to the appointment. I’m not fond of fasting. It didn’t help matters that I’ve been waking up very early in the morning for months now and had to wait around here for two hours WITHOUT EVEN A CUP OF COFFEE!

The doctor suggested she might as well draw even more blood to save having to do it again during my upcoming annual physical.

Sure, take as many vials as you want. Make me weaker.

And then she told me it was time for my tetanus shot.

“Can it wait?”

“Nope, this is the day.”

“Will I pass out from lack of food, loss of blood and the tetanus glop running through my veins when I drive home?”


Stab and jab.

I made it home safely sporting band-aids on both arms. I passed my middle son on his way to work although he didn’t see me. And, yes, my appointment was that early.

My arm is hurting today. It hurt every time I lay on it last night. And sleeping with a cold is a bitch. So, I’m tired and cranky.

My head is stuffy, my glands are swollen and I ache all over.

Yup, I’m a misery for sure.

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to be around me live and in person?


Bec said...

Oh, that sucks. Can you at least down some NyQuil and use your illness as an excuse to lie around and watch TV all day? (Although I suspect that's not "your thing.") Hope you feel better anyway.

patricia said...

bec took the words right out of my mouth. It really does suck to have a cold, especially when the weather is so lovely.

And boy do I 'feel your pain' about getting a tetanus shot. I had to get one recently (because my cat BIT ME!! Goddam moody critter), and my arm hurt like the dickens for a few days.

Close the drapes, down those drugs and call it a day.

Attila The Mom said...

gak! Hope you're feeling better soon!

My hubby used to swear by Nyquil and Wild Turkey, operating under the theory that after a shot or two of each, your body is so polluted not even a germ would want to live in it.

Never worked for me. I was still sick and then hungover to boot. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That sounded like a very bad morning. I hate fasting and I hate going to get my blood drawn, especially when feeling so crappy. I really hope you feel better soon. I think you should take some Nyquil like medication that will put you in a drug induced/sleepy haze so you can sleep away this virus or whatever it is. Don't forget to stay hydrated too!! Take care of yourself and feel better.

Beth said...

aw honey...I am right there with ya...sneezing and snotting...gross. Tea w/ lemon and toast...maybe a little whiskey thrown in for good measure!

Beth said...

You got it - TV is not my thing. But I did take to my bed and read! (What a surprise...)

I'm doing the Pollyanna thing - I'm glad my arm hurts while the rest of me is aching as well. Get it all over at once.

Oh, god, the thought of a hangover on top of this...

I'm already in a sleepy haze - a nap is looking good right now. And it's not even 1:30!

Try tea with a chocolate brownie - I swear chocolate is better than any prescription drugs (or booze?).
Take care, kiddo. *sniff sniff*
And we mustn't "hoark" like our boys do!

Princess Pointful said...

No one ever remembers how miserable it is being sick until they are caught in the throws of it. Yuk.

At least it makes my headache seem minimal!

oreneta said...

Oh you poor thing, I am sorry...compounded with the shot too.


msp said...

Actually my sweet sister, I would be with you "live" and share your misery if only I could... Take care of yourself and your arms.

cipriano said...

Hey Beth, as you know from some of my recent blogs, FASTING and I are somewhat of enemies. I love food way too much! If I had to "fast" for more than say, a half-hour... I would go into shock!
So... my thoughts are with you.
[I am gnawing on a chicken leg...]

Hope that you are feeling well, soon!

Pavel said...

You have to contend with a cold AND two hours without coffee??? I thought you were protected from cruel and unusual punishment in the constitution!

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Misery! I couldn't think of a worse insult to ones body than to have a cold, blood drawn, and tetnus shot all at the same time. I am surprised you didn't actually pass out...that's what I would have done. GAH!

Take care of yourself today.

Beth said...

I think I have finally turned the corner with my you doin? I kinda forgot what it was like to actually breathe!!

Hope you're feeling better!

Shari said...

Get plenty of rest and drink fluids. I hate being sick, too. I hope I don't get a cyber-bug from you. Just kidding. :)

Revenge: When your sons are geting better, pass the cold back to them.

Angela said...

I think I would LOVE to be around you live and in person, even when you have a cold. So glad you're doing better!