Friday, September 21, 2007

Late (for me) Post

Bear with me, people. I’m emerging from a three day feeling like crap pit.

Ever been in one? You feel like doing nothing and your concentration is shot to hell.

To add to those woes noted in my previous post, I had a flare-up of back pain.

I also received a frantic phone call from my mother late last night.

Stressful indeed.

It is time for my sisters and I to intervene. We must determine if my mother is suffering from early Alzheimer’s or dementia. Although this is a journey no one wants to embark upon, she cannot travel this path alone.

Having said all that, I am in remarkably good spirits. Why? Because I can sense my good health returning!

My God, that is something we take for granted.


Angela said...

Beth ~ Here's wishing you all the best with your mom and best wishes that you continue to feel better everyday!

Anonymous said...

I went down the same path with my dad when he started with early dementia. The frantic phone calls about everything and nothing, the paranoia, the forgetful's really hard on you. The worst part is trying to assure them that you are looking after things and everything will be ok...without sounding patronizing. I kept wanting my dad to feel somewhat in control of his situation, to maintain some dignity.

It's never easy but you'll know what's right in the end.

Princess Pointful said...

You have a true talent for staying centered and positive in the midst of all of this.

Best of luck with your mother. It seems to be an unfortunate rite of passage these days to have to make such decisions. My mother has been struggling with these issues since my grandmother's diagnosis several years ago.

Lainey-Paney said...

Alz can only be dx'd with certainly by autopsy after death. So, you can have her screened for dementia. Also make sure the dr tests her urine. sounds weird, but UTIs in the elderly can cause confusion, or increase confusion in those already suffering from dementia.

Good luck in this journey.
I'm sorry about all of it for you. Very, very stressful.

tracey said...

Sorry to hear about your mom, Beth. Aging parents are hard. Glad you're beginning to feel better, though!

Mamma said...

No kidding re: health. I've spent the same three days in bed too.

I hope you and your sisters can manage this journey. I know it is challenging.

Beth said...

I feel 100% (95%?) better today - back to normal.
(Or what passes for "normal" in my life!)

Oh, I really hope she doesn't fight us on this - it's hard enough just anticipating the "discussion." Like you with your dad, I do want her to maintain her dignity.

princes pointful:
I guess I try and stay centered and positive because the alternative is...??? (I just won't go there.)

Thanks so much for those tips and for wishing us luck on this journey.

The world works in mysterious ways, right? I'm getting better so that I can tackle yet another thing!

Hope you're out of bed today and feeling better! It's even worse being sick when your kids are so young.

oreneta said...

I LOVE that feeling of resurging health. It is like nothing else in the world.

Good luck with your Mum, we are doing this with my husband's Mom. Stressfull on everyone, and it stresses sibling relationships too...


Anonymous said...

Beth, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I went through that with my Grandmother. It was difficult. I took care of her for 2 years. I loved her so much, and hated that she had to go down that road. Safety and self care are always the biggest factors.
Sending you lots of love and light.

Beth said...

I never thought of the stress it might cause among siblings but my sisters and I are very close - friends as well. I think we can do this - together.

Thank you so much. While I may sound confident about it all, I'm actually very apprehensive (and a little scared).

msp said...

As one of Beth's sisters and not really "knowing" any of you (just what I read), I may be too late writing this but thanks Trish and Eileen for your wise and very helpful words. It helped me when I read them.
Beth, we can do this TOGETHER - as always!!

Beth said...

We can and we will. Thank God there's the three of us.