Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I rock!

Yes, indeed I do!

How do I know? Eileen from A Life of Triggers says so.

She has awarded me The Rockin’ Girl Blogging Award. Thanks, Eileen.

She is such a sweetheart for doing so – check out her blog and discover what a sweetheart she is.

The “Girl” bit is a stretch – haven’t been referred to as a girl for years but I like the sound of it.

And being the bookish, wordy and inquisitive sort of person I am, I checked with The UrbanDictionary as to what “rockin” actually means. (I had to know if I really deserved this award.)

Here are the slang definitions of rockin’:

“…awesome, cool, amazing, bitchin', hoppin', hot, phat, rad, rock, spectacular, sweet, tubular, wicked…”

How the hell did “sweet” get in there??? I’m cursed with that word.

Most of the other words kind of tickle my fancy – I’m gonna go with them.

Oh, yeah, I am bitchin’, rad, wicked….

Not 100% sure about “tubular” though. A reference to my body shape? Sounds insulting. However, I am rockin’ enough to know that “phat” does not mean I’m fat.

I must now pass along this award to five other female bloggers.

(Sorry, guys, you’re out of the running.)

As you may know, I hate this choosing bit. Fortunately, some of my favourite “girl” bloggers have already received this award. Passing it along is quite doable if I break the rules (again) and award it to all those who are on my link list who have not yet received the honour. (As far as I know.)

The following women bloggers rock! Click on their links on my sidebar and check them out…

Patricia of Booklust
Oreneta of Oreneta Aground
Beth of Blind as a Bat (Beth has a Rockin’ Blogger Award but not a Rockin’ Girl blogger Award – I think.)
Nomad of Navel Gazing Again
Mom of Three of Motherhood is Hell
Princess Pointful of Hijinks Galore
Hip_Ragdoll of My Tragic Right Hip
Psychgrad of The Blogging Wagon
My Utopia of My Utopias
Shari of The Daily Three
Rebecca of Becspeak
Adrienne of Bookmark My Heart
Coffee Mom of Life of a Coffee Addicted Mother
Lainey-Paney of Life is Just So Daily
Lyn of Lyn’s Licks and Laughs

(Ladies – do with this award what you will…you all deserve it.)

There. I’ve only gone 10 over the supposed limit.

Well, hell, would I read these blogs if they didn’t rock???


Mike M said...

You not only rock, but YOU ROCK!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks, I'm honoured. And guilty of not posting in a very long time ; )

oreneta said...

Well thank you very much, I too have to wonder about the sweet and tubular...I would not have used sweet for you, your too zingy for it.

That is good.

patricia said...

Well if that ain't the most tubular thing to happen to me today! Now what the heck does tubular mean? I've only ever really associated it with Mike Oldfield and Tubular Bells.

Anyway, you really do ROCK, girl! Congrats! That's just PHAT-tastic. And thanks so much for including me! Does it matter that it's the third time I've been given this award? 'Cuz I'm still gonna take it! You'll have to pry it from my cold dead rockin' hands!

Shari said...

Oh, cool. Thanks. I am humbly honored. Wow. I don't know what to say....

I did look up the urban definition of tubular and it means cool, rockin'.

I'll be back to look up the other rockin' bloggers you've listed. :)

Thanks again. I rock!! :)

Beth said...

I like to think so...

Get back at it!

"Zingy?" I like that!

Oh, crap. How did I miss that you've been "Rocked" before? This latest award simply means you're three times as rockin' as I am. (Which actually isn't saying much...)

You deserve the award - you do rock!

adrienne said...

I think that means sweet in the hipster version. Like, "Dude that's a sweet ride you've got there." I'm sure they don't mean saccharine sweet. Does that make you feel better? And hey! I finally got a Rockin Girl Blogger Award!

Dan said...

How the hell did “sweet” get in there??? I’m cursed with that word.

You are so sweet when you resist that word! :) Sorry, couldn't resist.

Congratulations. You really do rock.

Dorky Dad said...

Wow. You count to 5 like my son does ;)

And congratulations, too. You definitely "rock."

JR's Thumbprints said...

Nice see you're rockin' once again and survived your vacation. What I mean is, it's nice to know you didn't become turtle food.

Beth said...

As someone who truly rocks in terms of their taste in music, you certainly deserve the award.
And, yes, that version of "sweet" makes me feel better!

Ah, Dan, if you truly knew me...

dorky dad:
Yes, I have retained some of my childlike qualities. My counting and drawing skills remain at the kindergarten level. (A nice place to be...)

Nice visual. It had never occurred to me that I might become turtle food - I was simply afraid of being snapped at or touched. Now I'm contemplating your suggestion.

Beth said...

Thank you Beth!!!! I haven't been a "girl" for many years so this is very good for my fragile ego!

you are so bitchin!!!!

Beth said...

There's no way your ego should be fragile...
And we are bitchin'!

Anonymous said...

WOW another award, I must be doing something right.

Thanks Beth, you ROCK too!!!

Beth said...

coffee mom:
You're welcome!
Keep on writing and rockin'

Attila The Mom said...

Congrats, you Rockin' Chick!

Beth said...

I heard you're rockin' too - does it get any sweeter?

Princess Pointful said...

Yay! I rock!
Now I have to stop just taking the award... and actually give it to someone else.

Beth said...

princess pointful:
You definitely rock!

For me, passing along the award is so hard - how to choose when you like all the blogs you read??

hip_ragdoll said...

You guys rock. Totally. I'm so very behind that I don't really rock in the least!

Beth said...

Oh, you so rock - in many, many ways!