Thursday, August 23, 2007


For someone who’s not a big fan of change, I’ve had a grunt load lately.

Now, I am a big girl and I can adapt. Granted, I do so kicking and screaming – but I do adapt.

I’m now coping with two more crappy changes.

Worse yet - I brought one of them on myself. Bloody hell.

First, Rogers Yahoo just flat out changed the email format, layout, etc. of my Home Page. I was given a warning but no choice. And bingo! It finally happened last week.

Cry baby Beth. I don’t like it. I don’t think its new features are better. I actually think accessing my messages takes longer. I don’t want a friggin’ preview – I just want to click the mouse and go directly to my mail.

And now for the real kicker. I did the most dumb-ass thing today.

With my Hotmail account, I clicked on “Try the New Windows Live Hotmail.”

What was I smoking?? What drugs had I taken??

Is it not enough that I’m having to deal with my new Rogers email site? I wanted more grief? Am I some kind of masochist?

I HATE the New Windows Live Hotmail.

(What’s so “Live” about it, anyway?)

And I can’t get back to my old familiar, wonderful, comforting version.

Big sobs being emitted.


I thought “Try” meant exactly that. Try – and if you don’t like it you don’t have to stay. Looks like I’m staying.

I won’t even bother listing the things I don’t like about it. TNTC. (That’s medical lingo for “too numerous to count.”)

And I don’t want anyone telling me that any version of Hotmail stinks.

But I would really like it if someone could tell me if they know of any means or method by which I can switch back. Maybe? Hopefully?

Perhaps I can dream that someone from WINDOWS LIVE HOTMAIL will hear my plaintive (okay, whiney) wail/complaint and respond. (Hey, it worked with GMAC.)

Truly, the worst thing about this is the fact I have only myself to blame.

It’s not nice being pissed off at yourself.


Princess of the Universe said...

I have nothing to offer you except moral support and condolences. Hotmail kind of freaks me out so I've never really used it...

Shari said...

Yeah, my Yahoo keeps bugging me about going Yahoo "beta" just like (shh) Blogger did-go Blogger Beta. Changes are hard. I hope someone can help you with that. I don't know Hotmail. But Yahoo did change something so I could format the page I get on as soon as I log in. But what a waste of clicking to two extra pages to get to the emails.

Attila The Mom said...

Oh man, I feel for you! I'm such a computer doofus that I hate change, any change.


Beth said...

princess of the universe:
Well, thanks for the moral support.
Sigh. I'll get used to it...some day.

How come Yahoo is still "bugging" you? They switched me over!

At least no one has commented (so far) on what an idiot I was to do the "Try" thing.

carmachu said...

Could be could be like my mrs and click off "remember password" and then not know it anymore....

patricia said...

All I can give you is my sympathy, my dear. Being a Mac owner, I don't seem to encounter these problems...

Beth said...

Passwords! An entirely different kind of headache inducing matter!

Beware...I too own a Mac.
It could happen to you (but only if you're a goofus like me.)

Sornie said...

I'll stick to my Excite e-mail. Sure, it doesn't have endless storage like the other guys but it hasn't changed its interface for the better part of a decade and I am DEATHLY afraid of change. Not really but it makes life simpler.

patricia said...

'Goofus'. Ha! I love that word. Gotta use that one in the future. Of course never in reference to myself...

So I'm figuring that you refuse to pay for an email that the issue? I'm assuming Windows, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts are still free. Of course, if you were to sign up with Rogers or Sympatico, then you'd have a whole NEW set of problems...and then you'd have to deal with the goofuses in Technical support, which is as close to Hell as one can venture.

Beth said...

I don't really like change either...esp. when it's thrust onme and I don't ahve a choice in the decision. I LIKE the old Hotmail! what was so wrong with it anyway....I don't want my mail to be "live"....I just want to read it and get on with my day!

Amalia said...

On the left hand side of the new Hotmail, you can go back to "classic" version. I can't do anything about the Rogers, but this at least should help!


Angela said...

I always stick with the known.

I'm a coward.

MyUtopia said...

I cant stand the new hotmail format either!

Beth said...

Like I care about unlimited storage?
I'm a delete freak.
But I'm stuck - too old to change to a new account.

I would pay to get my old formats back! Money is no object. (ha ha)

Yeah, I don't get this "Live" thing either. And I don't want the first thing I see when I go into my Hotmail to be the latest news. I just want my mail!

Thanks so much for visiting, leaving a comment and trying to help. I did try clicking on the classic - it's not my old "classic" - it's the classic version of the new Live Hotmail. (And it still looks strange to me.)

Thanks for stopping by.
I should have remained my usual cowardly self and left well enough alone.

Hear! Hear!
You have my utmost sympathies. Guess you "tried" and got "stuck" too?

Anonymous said...

Beth, I am computer clueless, but I hate when David messes with my computer and changes my settings. Especially my mail!!! I am offering support, wish I could tell you more. Hopefully, you'll get use to it soon or figure out a way to go back. XO

Beth said...

Thanks for your support. I think I'm simply going to have to get used to it - but it won't be anytime "soon."

oreneta said...

The windows live hotmail sign in kinda bugged me too, until I realised that it required one fewer stroke/movement/mouse click than the old, and then, pathetically I was sold. It looks the same inside to me, am I missing something?

Beth said...

Doesn't matter any more! I got back to my "old" way.
(I didn't like the loading time, being bombarded with news before I could get to my mail, no favourite contact list....)