Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good Times

My youngest arrived home yesterday looking extremely tanned and fit.

(Did that boy
use sunscreen?)

He was the Waterfront Director at a kids’ camp this summer. Quite the responsible job for a twenty-year old.

To my surprise and delight he’s tackled his own laundry. There’s a bit of a stink coming from the remaining piles of dirty clothes in the laundry room. Pee-uw.

Other items are airing out on the deck. Insects and backyard critters are keeping their distance.

And his junk is spread out all over the house but WHO CARES?

I get to hug, bug and nag him for a few days before he packs it all up again and heads back to university.

The above picture is of the camp – scanned from a Christmas card he received this year. The picture’s been hanging on the fridge. It’s been a nice daily reminder of my boy (as if I needed one…)


oreneta said...

Tackling his own launry!!!!

You raised that one well.

Mike M said...

Great picture. Great post!

Beth said...

Two out of three ain't bad!

Thanks - it's such a beautiful camp.

Lainey-Paney said...

looks like a fun camp!!!

Beth said...

Well, he keeps going back so it must be fun! And now he earns money for being there...

Anonymous said...

That picture is so Canadian...I love it!

As for laundry, I just talked to my boy today and he is tackling his own load today if only I could have him home to hug and nag *sigh*

Hey, I left you an award over at my site...

Shari said...

You're going to make it easy for his future wife to share the household chores. ;)

My daughter just did her own laundry by herself on Sunday. I didn't hear anything about her bleeding any colors or shrinking anything...

Dorky Dad said...

He's doing his own laundry? Really? And you're going to let him do that?

I'm scared.

Beth said...

Your boy will be home soon (Thanksgiving? Xmas?) to hug and nag - with his laundry!
(thanks for the award!)

His clothes are in such rough shape, he even asked about and used bleach! (With no damage.)

dorky dad:
Don't be afraid.
To be honest? I took over the last few piles - couldn't stand it any more.

Attila The Mom said...

Wow! Thank goodness he didn't subject you to touching his cruddy stuff. LOL

kristi said...

Beautiful photo. DUH sorry for my comment about, I have already visited you here, huh?

By the way, my son LOVES to fold laundry and he's only 5!!

Beth said...

Yup - I definitely avoided the crud.
And some of the now "clean" stuff should be tossed.

Excellent start with your boy!