Saturday, July 14, 2007


Busted. For being sweet and nice. (See prior post.)

Mea culpa.

I bought a thank you gift for my surgeon. (The young woman who looks about 18 years old – and who laughed when I told her post-op that I wanted to adopt her.)

Hey, I’m alive and healthy, right? She did a great job. A little show of appreciation seemed entirely appropriate.

I saw her last week. And while I’d already passed the official recovery date and knew I felt good, it was great having my recovery confirmed by the doctor. (She kind of has more expertise in the matter.)

So now I have the go-ahead to resume a normal life.

(Whatever that may be…)

Beth’s orders (not the doctor’s):

Take five seconds to be thankful for your health. It may not be absolutely ship-shape, but if you’re functioning at your usual “normal” capacity - be grateful.

P.S. I’m saving my inner evil urgings for another day.


Anonymous said...

Hey, a thank-you gift for a doctor who has helped make life healthier and more comfortable is a nice gesture and there is never anything wrong with that.

Glad you are back in your feet.

Beth said...

Those "nice" gestures are so ingrained - and rightfully so. She certainly deserved a little something extra for her skill and empathy - a great combo in a doctor.

Anonymous said...

I think it was the perfect thing to do! Sounds like it was well deserved, and it means a lot to doctors/nurses etc. Good ones should be given a little extra, especially if they make you feel better physically and emotionally. Rare combination for doctors these days.
Glad you are feeling better.

Beth said...

It is a rare combination. I was so lucky. And I'm feeling great - thanks.

oreneta said...

A thank you gift seems fair and I must say that I agree about saying thanks for health. It's about as valuable as things get.

Beth said...

I'm still at that stage where I'm thankful every day (you know, like after you've had a rotten cold for a week or so?). I'm hoping I don't go back to taking things granted.

cipriano said...

Good posting!
I think that it is something that most of us soooooooo take for granted. When you feel well, not a thought is given to it. But the first ache or pain, WOW..... how relevant it becomes!
I am glad to hear that you are feeling fine fine, and recieivng a good report from your young hottie-nurse!

Beth said...

Here's to good health!

And, hey, did I say she was a hottie??

(How's your Lolita search going?)