Thursday, July 12, 2007


I’ve been tagged by AMC (AKA Anonymous) to list eight things about myself.

I find these random list tags intriguing - each tidbit reveals a little something about those who complete them. The clues are in the written word! Right up my alley.

The meme instructions:

1. Post the rules, then list eight things about yourself.
2. At the end of the post, tag and link to eight other people.
3. Leave a comment at those sites, letting them know they've been tagged, and asking them to come read the post so they know what to do.

I’ve decided to list my quirks and/or oddities. (Surely I can come up with eight?)

1. I wear my watch on my right wrist. I am right handed. I’ve been told that I should wear my watch on my left wrist. Never have. And short of losing my right arm, the watch will remain there. (Note - I never use the expression, “I’d give my right arm for that…”) When I received my first watch as a child – bingo – it went on my right wrist. I have no idea why. It felt right. Still does.

2. I hate wearing socks. I also hate wearing shoes. Being Canadian, this poses a bit of a problem in the winter. (In the summer - bare feet or flip flops.)

3. My pen of preference is a blue fine point. I’ll make do with others if I must but they just don’t feel right.

4. When I leave the house I do what my kids refer to as my “off, off, off… routine.” I must be sure everything that could possibly cause a fire or inexplicably explode is off. And, yes, I realize this is indicative of OCD. I live with it. (I’m not completely insane – a friend’s washing machine once got on fire. Shit happens.)

(I’m having difficulty thinking of other weird things - probably because they all seem perfectly normal to me.)

5. Oh, yeah. Here’s another one. I make lists. I keep a small pad of paper on the kitchen counter re: things I MUST DO. This would be quite acceptable except for the fact I also put up yellow post-its elsewhere as back-up. My mind is a sieve.

6. I still have my paper doll collection from when I was a kid. I’m sure it’s now worth millions of dollars. Unfortunately, my boys were never interested in it. I’m hoping for a grand-daughter. I will make her play with me.

7. I don’t like wearing jewelry. I do have some good pieces but usually forget to wear them. My ears are not pierced. The thought of putting holes in my ears makes me cringe. I don’t wear rings because I fidget with them. (And drive myself nuts.) I don’t wear nail polish because it makes my fingers sweat. (I think that’s all in my head, but, nevertheless, my fingers do get sweaty).

8. I hate clothes shopping. I suspect my genetic make-up is lacking in a certain female chromosome.

Okay, I’m on a role…but that’s quite enough. Thank God I’m only required to list eight. I’m beginning to think I’m strange.

And there’s a depressing theme emerging here. Perhaps I should write a book entitled:

“Feminine Traits – You Can Live Without Them”

Author – Elisabeth (Yes, I’m Female) Stewart

I’m not going to tag anyone because I find doing so extremely awkward.

What if they don’t want to be tagged??? What if they roll their eyes and emit a great big sigh because I’ve put them on the spot??

However, to anyone who is reading this - feel free to do this meme. It’s kinda fun to do. And let me know if you do it – I’ll put a link to your blog here.


Beth said...

wow...not only do we share a name, but lots of other stuff too!

I hate nail polish. On my toes, it's fine, but not on my fingers...I pick it off as soon as it dries.

The watch...ALWAYS goes on the left wrist..anyone with any kind of brains knows this! ;)

I love to GET jewelry...but don't wear it. all I wear is a simple gold wedding band, and that's only cuz I have to.

as for shutting things off when I leave...not so much. I'm very bad about that...and also blowing out candles. I've left and come home to a burning candle...went to bed at night-got up in the morning..the ceiling was all black from a burning candle. How my house has never gone up in flames I'll never know!

This was a good post...getting to know you more.

patricia said...

Don't feel alone about the lacking in certain female genes – I hate nail polish on my fingernails and toenails – it's just an icky feeling. Plus I have no interest in jewelry of any kind, and though I had my ears pierced when I was 19, my earring face was very short-lived – the holes have thankfully filled up (the ones in my ear lobes that is – not too sure 'bout the ones in my head). I hate wearing rings on my fingers, too – the only one I'll wear is my wedding band, and only when I go out in public – the rest of the time it sits in our ring box. The hubby is the same way, I guess because we got married later in life, and had never worn rings before, and just never got used to the feeling. Some of our family members think that this habit is very odd and speaks of a 'troubled marriage' but it's actually the exact opposite – if wearing a ring is the most important aspect of your marriage, then you're in serious trouble.

Clothes don't really interest me, either, and I have to be in 'the right mood' to go shopping. Doesn't happen too often, thank goodness.

And yes!! I have OCD, too!! I have to check EVERY POTENTIAL DISASTER before I leave the house – sometimes numerous times. This paranoia has increased tenfold since we bought our own house.

So see? You're not alone, kiddo!

patricia said...

Duh...major word mistake. I meant to say 'earring phase' not 'earring face'. It's because I haven't had my 2nd cup of coffee yet...

Rebecca said...

Making sure things are off: not OCD! Our dryer caught on fire a couple of years ago. Thankfully we were home.

Beth said...

OMG - I forgot about my candle/fire phobia. Thanks for the reminder!

Okay, except for the gardening thing, we are very much alike.
(Your "earring face" remark created an interesting visual.)

Maybe I shouldn't have written this post. Everyone is simply confirming my worst fears.

Anonymous said... fine point pen...(Homer gurgle sound inserted)!

An excellent post! Good skills!


Oh, and when I used to wear a watch, I always had it on my right wrist. What's so wrong with that!?!

Beth said...

I don't see anything wrong with wearing a watch on whatever wrist you want. I'm the one who is supposedly wearing my watch incorrectly - was told that if you're right handed, you wear it on the left wrist and vice versa.
How do you tell time now? By looking at the sun?

Anonymous said...

Oh good...I love to know about people's quirks.

#2 *high five* Going barefoot is the best! Must be a Canadian thing.

oreneta said...

Ooooh, a tempting one...the nailpolish makes my fingernails feel like they are asphyxiating.Can they? I don't like it though. Ok on my toes...

Anonymous said...

I am with you on so many of your "quirks" that we could be twins. I hate nail polish, my fingers do feel like they can't breathe, and I do pick them off. I try clear, only so I won't bite, but even that I usually pick off.

I don't like to wear jewelry either, except my wedding band. It's a habit now. I take it off every night, can't sleep with it on.
Shutting things off when I leave is the worse. I don't have that part of my brain that goes CLICK, that tells me I already checked something, so I check and recheck, and get halfway to work and I am convinced I left something on. Same thing with locking up at night. My kids are good at humoring me now, and checking too, so they can say "Yes Mom, it is off or locked, etc." Forget candles.

Hate clothes shopping, would rather buy for my girls or the house or myself some lotions.

I don't go barefoot thou, my feet are so lame, as far as sensitve. I'm such a baby, I go "ouch, ouch, ouch," Don't know when I turned into such a wuss, but I must be getting old!

Enjoyed your post, made me laugh.

Beth said...

I actually have many more quirks but just had to stop. It was getting depressing.

Can fingernails be starved for oxygen? I wonder about that, too. But what about all those women who wear it?

Don't you wonder how we manage to function in the world?
I had to give up on the locking up at night. Can't outlast my kids.

Anonymous said...

Who needs to know the time?! Why is everyone in such a hurry?

Actually, I just look at my phone, or ask someone.

(secretly I've got a mini sun-dial in my pocket, but that's confidential information!)


Beth said...

You're right. Other than being on time for an appointment, you don't really have to know the time.
What a concept.
(Yeah, right, you have a mini-sundial in your pocket.)

All Mod Cons said...

No, really...I do!

Beth said...

all mod cons:
Honest to God, I don't know whether to believe you or not.

I know I shouldn't...but there's a tiny part of my mind that thinks you might actually have one...

kristi said...

Well, I hate to shop too!

Beth said...

A kindred spirit!