Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good News


“Amid growing opposition to combat role, Harper concedes Afghan mission has limits.”

“As Canadian death toll mounts, support for mission wanes.”

“This mission will end in February, 2009,” Mr. Harper said Friday….”Should Canada be involved militarily after that date, we have been clear that would have to be approved by the Canadian Parliament.”

“A poll conducted this month by Decima research suggested that two-thirds of Canadians wanted the troops to come home when the current mandate expires in February, 2009.”

Today’s front page news in The Globe and Mail makes me extremely happy.

I have always supported our troops (my eldest son did a brief stint in the military) but I cannot envision a successful outcome regarding their presence in Afghanistan.

I sincerely hope Prime Minister Harper remains true to his word.

Will I lose certain readers from this blog because of my stance?

Perhaps. C’est la vie.


Rodrigo said...

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Beth said...

No personalized t-shirts, thanks.
(And thanks to Babel translation services.)

Anonymous said...

I can understand why this would make you so happy. This war has been so tragic and sad. I hope it is over soon for us in America too. I certainly hope you would not loose any readers of this wonderful blog, for being honest and open with you opinion (like always). I am glad your son is safe. Peace.

Beth said...

Our national newspaper puts the picture of every Canadian soldier who has died on the front page. It's heartbreaking.

And my relief when my son left the military was tremendous.

Thanks for commenting. (These kind posts are not too popular.)

Princess Pointful said...

Wow- I can't believe everyone has avoided commenting on this.

I also cannot believe how little I've followed the news lately so as to miss this!

Anyways, I agree 100%. Too many Canadians are dying for an unclear cause-- and we shouldn't be staying out of mere stubborness.

Beth said...

princess pointful:
Right - not too much interest in this kind of post (and Rodrigo doesn't count.)
Our presence in Afghanistan? Our goals are noble but if you're at all familiar with that country's history, it's difficult to be optimistic as to the ultimate outcome.
(And, sadly, too much "collateral damage.")