Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Candles and Cake

Yesterday was my birthday. Yes, I turned 39.

(I love this number. It’s become such a familiar, comforting age to be…)

My kids gave me a digital camera!

Granted, I gave hints. Actually, I gave pretty specific hints.

“I would love two things for my birthday. One – a digital camera. Two – someone with the patience to teach me how to use it and to download pictures to my computer.”

Bless them – I got both.

Either some hidden photographic talent will be unearthed or people will be appalled at the amateurish pictures I end up posting on my blog.

I promise I will be selective and circumspect.

You will not be subjected to pictures of my body parts. Unless you ask.

And, no, that is not a picture of my birthday cake taken with my new camera. We had strawberry shortcake – my favourite!


oreneta said...

Oh!!! So exciting....I am so looking forward to pictures. I was very subtle at my birthday as camera, digital camera, digital camera....

Happy Birthday Beth!!!

Have a great year.

Beth said...

These cameras take some getting used to. I keep wanting to put my eye up to the lens. Just holding it up in the air seems weird.
I'm practising on the dog. A very calm, patient subject.
Thanks for the birthday greeting!

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Happy Birthday, Darlin!

Offering body parts? That begs for you starting another blog. Call it "Beth Blue."

psychgrad said...

Happy birthday! I love my digital camera. Such instant gratification to see the picture you just took.

Take loads of pictures!

Beth said...

That would definitely be an anonymous blog.
(And so not you probably know.)

And the gratification of instant deleting! I've already done lots of that.

Jen in Japan said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sure 39 is a great age to be...

Looking forward to seeing those doggy pictures!

Beth said...

jen in japan:
Yeah, 39 was a nice age to be!
Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Hapy Birthday!


Beth said...

And it was a happy one!

Mom of Three said...

Happy Birthday! I am 39+1. Next birthday, I will be 39+2.

I love my digital. Can't wait to see your dog art photos.

Philip. said...

Happy birthday :-)

Beth said...

I like your birthday math - the number 39 seems to be quite popular.
Dog art??
Don't raise the bar too high!


Dan said...

Happy Day After, Beth! Sounds like the two of us had great days!

And strawberry shortcake is my favorite too. Were we twins separated at birth?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!

39 huh? It's a good age to start something new and I couldn't think of a better thing than a camera.

We Want Pictures We Want Pictures We Want Pictures.

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Beth!! Strawberry Shortcake if perfect for this time of year. I love it too! I have a digital camera, I can't figure out how to get the pictures on my blog. My husband is suppose to show me soon. Can't wait to see your pictures. XOXO

Nomad said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!

I hope this year holds EVERYTHING you could ever wish for !!

Ya know hints go a LONG way...better than getting Avon I always figure... how about ..umm... Toe pics!!

Beth said...

You know, I've always felt sort of incomplete...and to have found my long lost twin through blogging! I knew there was a reason I started this blog.
(Had seconds on the strawberry shortcake tonight.)

Wow - I'm really feeling the pressure as to pictures. Yikes.
But, yes, "39" is a great age to start something new!

Good luck with the pictures to blog thing. Patience - that is what's needed by those who teach those of us who must learn...
If I've caught on, anyone can.

If you have a toe fetish, you're barking up the wrong blog!

And thanks for the sentiment about the future - it's got to improve, right?

Dorky Dad said...

So did you go to someone else's house to take a picture of THEIR birthday cake? Did they give you a piece?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Now imagine me singing you Happy Birthday in a glorious baritone, with Neil Diamond singing harmony and some Italian dude on the piano.)

Beth said...

dorky dad:
Oh! That whole scenario - you, Neil and the Italian dude at the piano serenading me with a Happy Birthday - gives me shivers!
Next year? Promise?

Attila The Mom said...

Happy happy birthday!

Beth said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Beth said...

Happy Belated Birthday Beth!!!! Oh to be 39 again..!!!

patricia said...

Happy 39th! You don't look a day over...29! Hope you had a fabulous day, and I'm looking forward to some beautiful pics, too!

cipriano said...

Happy Birthday, Beth!
I faintly remember it. Faintly....
Hope you have a super great decade of being 39.
-- Cip

Princess Pointful said...

Happy (belated) birthday!
I look forward to colourful posts accompanied by plenty of visuals!

Pendullum said...

Happy Belated Birthday...
Hope it was spectacular!!!

Beth said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes!
(Wow - it already seems so long ago.)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Sorry I missed it, I've gotten kind of lazy with blogs lately.

Glad to hear you got what you wanted. Look forward to seeing all of your pictures.