Saturday, May 05, 2007

Whoa, Dude....

So weird, spooky…whatever….

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Yesterday’s post was about saving “Marmots” (and how I’m not going to help.)

For quite some time, I’ve been receiving Real Estate alerts by e-mail from an agent because we were thinking of moving.

(Not so much now — I’d better let her know.)

Anyway, see below for today’s alert.

“Prospect Matches:

MLS # C1131513 — Toronto — 75 Marmot Ave.

Click here to view full prospects on-line.”

I kid thee not. True as a Bible.

Freaked me out.

What does it mean???

Is it the beginning of a marmot-haunting phenomenon?

Am I cursed, will I be paying dearly for my “saucy” post of yesterday?

Let this serve as a warning to others.

Be nice to marmots.

(I’m still not sending any money….)


Rebecca said...

That is so freaky! Maybe you were meant to have marmots in your life, you just don't know it yet.

Beth said...

Oh, please, god, no.
The ant invasion was enough.
And I only like cute, furry creatures from a distance - or in Walt Disney movies.

Lynn said...

How hilarious but then you know my views on retribution.

Beth said...

If this is retribution, that was one quick turn around time to have my rant come back to bite me in the ass.

I'm going to be a good, nice girl from now on. Maybe.

(Oh, hell, no I'm not...)

oreneta said...

Laughing as I write...that is too weird...

Princess Pointful said...

I am a firm believer that the karma deities are nor fair. You are probably one of the kindest people on the planet, and your bad deed to get haunted for is not saving the marmots.
Whenever I do anything relatively close to immoral, like actually get mad at someone, the karma gods swoop in with a vengeance-- yet I watch people do far worse all the time and never get called on it!
Phew- side rant!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...too weird!

Beth said...

Ha ha ha. Just you wait! No more rants from you, young lady - same thing could happen to you...

princess pointful:
Yes, I am beginning to doubt the karma gods myself. Crime does seem to pay in this world and being nice often gets you nowhere. And when I do break out of the "nice" mold - yikes, gotcha!

Gotta laugh though, right?

Beth said...


That is freakin me out! Maybe you should move, huh?

Beth said...

I'm sitting here laughing at your reaction.
But I'm sure as hell not moving to MARMOT AVE!

cipriano said...

That is WILD, Beth!
In a related story, all week long I have felt like running off the edge of a cliff... then I bought a copy of The Sun Also Rises and the cover had mispelled the author's name as Ernest Lemmingway!
Go figure!

Hey, did you see my Sens tonight?
Did you SEE my Sens tonight?
They buried the Devils!

JR's Thumbprints said...

Real Estate agents are lazier than marmots. They always want to make their money by doing very little.

Beth said...

Oh, goodie - you have little creatures haunting you, too!
(But please don't run off a cliff - I couldn't take it...)
Didn't see the game but I do realize the Sens are our last Canadian hope. Sigh.
Once the Leafs are out (like always) I generally wait for the finals to tune in again. Hope Ottawa makes it to that point.

I didn't know marmots were lazy.
I wonder what that means vis-a-vis their current role in my life?

Tracey said...

That is too funny.

patricia said...

May the Marmot be with you...

Beth said...

No way. No how. No more marmots.