Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sentimental Mom Stuff

Friday April 20th is son #2 ‘s birthday.

Twenty-three years old. Unbelievable.

Contrary to whatever the laws of physics might state, in a mother’s world, time does fly.

The above picture is displayed in our family room.

You might wonder why I’d frame a picture of an apparently grumpy child.

Well, this picture is unique. It’s one of the few (if not the only) picture of this kid not smiling.

We have photo albums full of this baby/toddler/boy smiling at the world.

Other than a bout of colic as a baby (oh, the hell of those days…) this child of mine greeted the world with smiles and delight.

He was always so damned happy.

And, yes, of course, he grew up and the world did not always smile back.

But he’s never lost his enthusiasm and optimism.

And he can always give his mom’s heart a lift with his laughter and that smile.

Happy Birthday, Teds!


Mamma said...

What a beautiful boy. I'm sure he's a beautiful man as well.

oreneta said...

Happy Birthday! It is amazing how fast they grow up!

patricia said...

What a sweetie!

Happy Birthday, #2 son! (aka, Teds!)

Princess Pointful said...

I really like how you manage to scan in such great picture.

Happy birthday!

Diesel said...

Sounds like my son. He smiles so often, I'm not sure how they get him to stop for his school pictures every time.

Beth said...

Yup, still beautiful - although I think he'd prefer the word "handsome."

Way too fast...
(He checks out the blog - he'll see your Happy Birthday greetings!)

Got a whole bunch of "sweeties!"
Lucky mom.

princess pointful:
It can't be due to my scanning skills - utterly basic. The kid just takes a great picture.

Amazing, right? How some kids are just born with that sort of personality?
(ya wanna knock the block off of anyone who dares take away that smile from a child...)

Attila The Mom said...

Boy does time fly...

Happy Birthday!!

Beth said...

It sure does. We should appreciate every darned minute - which, yeah, is impossible to do...

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday Ted...
keep smiling kid!

Beth, you've done well my friend.

Beth said...

Thanks, my friend...
Ted has already checked this blog once today - bet he does again. He'll see your birthday wishes.

ted said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes everyone! I was a cute little guy...I wonder what happened?

Megan said...

I'll tell you what happened, Ted - you grew from a cute little guy to an amazing young man (who also happens to be somewhat of a chick magnet). And the best part is that you are so loved.

Beth said...

You're still cute - and well-mannered.
Good boy for thanking everyone!

Yeah, the loving - and being loved - is the best part. Hurray for kids!

narnie said...

Hey Ted; I hadn't forgotten - just hadn't checked your Mom's blog for a few days. I never know how or where to reach you so this is a good place! We all hope you had a great day yesterday. Perhaps you were frowning at Ben!? Love ya, cutie.

Beth said...

Ted frowning at Ben? Never!

cipriano said...

What a cute little grumpy boy!

JR's Thumbprints said...

I think it shows a certain determination to succeed in life.

Beth said...

Yes, it is a cute "grumpy" picture - and, yet, he is so not the grumpy type.

And he will - for sure.

Beth said...

he is adorable! Even if he's not smiling.