Saturday, March 24, 2007

Past and Present

In the above picture of Grade Five students are two girls who are meeting for lunch today.

That’s a very long — and a very precious — friendship.

One of the girls is me.

Can you find yours truly in the picture?

(Brownie points if you can…)


Anonymous said...

Old school pictures are fun to revisit, even better when you are still in touch with somebody else in the picture.

I betting on the girl in the middle with the short sleeve blue dress.

Princess Pointful said...

A lot of people like to escape their past, but I hope to have that long of a friendship with at least a few people.
I'm guessing blue headband!

cipriano said...

Beth, I am going to guess that you are in the seated row, second from the right, in that pink sweater over the white... undersweater deal.
Yes, the Pink and White-Speckled Combo!
With Biggee© fries, please!

Beth said...

trish: You know what's really weird? I can name just about everyone in that picture but forget the names of people I've recently met.
(Can't say "yes or no" to your guess until tomorrow. 'Cause - oh yeah, sure - others may try!)

princess pointful: It's really nice to have someone in your life who "knew you when."
(See my response to trish re: your guess.)

Beth said...

Hmmm... my lips are sealed (or whatever) until tomorrow as to your guess.

(This is a rather interesting - albeit pointless - exercise...)

Nabeel said...

this is a great photo and surely should be treasured. There are too many faces in the picture that might be you so I am not going to put my finger on one. But i love the vintage look on this picture.

patricia said...

I would say the gal in the middle, second row, blue dress and red polka-dot sash.

Fun game!
(By the way, if I EVER manage to find my old class pics, it would be soooo easy to spot me. Chunky kid with the unibrow in polyester!)

oreneta said...

I cannot guess. Sorry, and what's wrong with a little pointlessness eh? Hope you had a nice time with your friend. I lost touch with my best friend from that age, which I still find a little sad.

Jackie said...

Blue dress with polk a dot sash. You look like Kate at that age. By the way, we have this great picture of you and your siblings. The younger two look like twins and you and M have these great smiles. You had long hair - very good picture.

Beth said...

Any childhood picture of me is definitely "vintage!"

All is revealed in today's post. If I ever get around to posting it.
(Hint - good guess.)

oreneta: You're right. I can do a "pointless" post - it's my blog.
And we had a great time! Still in sync.

jackie: A picture of me with long hair when I was a kid? That's rare. My usual "do" was a pixie cut. Any way you can scan and send it?

hip_ragdoll said...

I know I'm late to the party because you've already revealed which one is you but heaven, you are so cute!

Beth said...

And you are so kind to say so!

Lynn said...

A day late but I have not looked at the answer - I would definitely say the girl in the blue dress right in the middle. How adorable!

Beth said...

lynn: Right you are! But adorable? Hmm...

La La said...

I'm not reading any of the other comments before writing this. You are the one in the blue dress right smack in the middle with the dotted red sash around your waist! Right?

La La said...

I just read the comments now, and damn, I'm good. I only knew, though, because of the raining day picture you posted recently! You still look the same!

Yeah, I'm up reading the "before" I met you in blogland posts because I was so moved by your "Butterfly Love" piece, and I wanted more.