Sunday, March 25, 2007

Of Games Won and Past Lives

Saturday Night — Leafs 4 - Sabres 1

This is the way the game is supposed to go! Not like Friday’s game where the Leafs blew a 4 -1 lead to this same team.

Do you think they won because I was there?

Yes, four of us attended the game! Lucky, lucky me.

I happen to think it’s no coincidence.

My offer to attend all Leaf games remains open…

As for the “Where’s Waldo?” (a.k.a. “Where’s Beth?”) in that old school photo, Trish, Patricia and Jackie got it right. For what it's worth, Brownie points to all the winners.

Yup, that’s me — second row (seated), fourth from the right, light blue dress with polka dot sash. My friend is in the same row, first on the left, yellow dress. Such little sweethearts…

I feel a brief explanation is in order as to those “tufts” of hair sticking out either side of my head. I had (have) absolutely straight hair. My mother would use those metal clips to add some curl. (Nice try, Mom.)

Did I ask her to?

How did I sleep at night with those things stuck to my head?

Stay tuned for less flighty, more intellectually stimulating posts. (Maybe.)


Anonymous said...

YAY...I knew it!! The girl in the middle just looks like a "Beth"...very cute.

Of course the Leafs won because you were there. They should send you a free season pass...

oreneta said...

I'm with Trish, they should definately send you golds for every game...

Beth said...

Aw, shucks...

And I should be hearing from the powers that be at The ACC any day now!

I'm thinking some seats right behind the Leaf bench so that I can assist with the coaching!
(My version of the meme tomorrow...)

Beth said...

OMG, you had to be the cutest little girl in 5th grade!!! I mean it!

nad you are a good luck charm for your Leafs!

Trish said...

I agree with Trish.. us trishes gotta stick together. :)

So where ya been lately? are you boycotting my blog, er whut!?

you haven't gone back to.. ~gasp~ lurking.. have you!? :D

Dorky Dad said...

Why are they the "leafs?" Shouldn't they be the "Leaves?"

And you're like me. When I go see the Minnesota Twins play baseball, they don't lose. Ever. I've never seen them lose live.

Beth said...

Yeah, kinda cute in Grade Five. And then I put on the pounds and became a chubby teen. Bad timing in terms of the boys..
Definitely a good luck charm. If they would only read my blog!

trish: (the other trish)
Lurking? Me? I've got a bad rep. Hey, you were "away" for a while there...
I'll leave a comment today - no matter what. Promise.

dorky dad:
Someone else asked me that question about the Leafs. I gave a half-baked answer and can't even remember it. Bottom line, who wants to call a bunch of guys "Leaves?"

Attila The Mom said...

Oh poo, I was wrong.

My mom used to make me sleep in those pink spongey curlers when I was a kid. Thank God for hot rollers!

Princess Pointful said...

The curlers reminded me of a really painful at-home perm attempt when I was 8.
Why are mother's so determined to force curly hair upon us?

Beth said...

attila: In my case, thank God for giving up on perms and any kind of curing device. I do my stylin' (which is minimal) with gel or wax.

princess pointful: Shhh...don't tell anyone, but I probably begged my mother to create curls for me. And I probably thought I looked great!