Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yet Again (Coincidence?)

I know, I know — I just posted last week about my fashion sense (or lack thereof). I’m doing it again. Mea culpa. But I received another amusing scrap of paper from my older sister. Same theme. Slightly different take.

This most recent caption harks back to our childhood. I know exactly why she sent it along. Heaven help me, I did prefer (in fact, loved) inheriting her hand-me-downs. How perverse. How sad. Sort of.

My analysis of this crazy childhood affliction? I was extremely shy as a youngster. I’m guessing I truly believed that whenever I had to wear something new of my own, it was like donning a flashing neon light — “Look at Beth! Everybody look at Beth!”

For someone who did not want to be looked at or singled out in any way, this was a form of torture.

I suppose I thought my sister’s tried and true outfits would enable me to avoid the spotlight. Plus, I thought her clothes were so cool. (There was this one red suede jumper with a zipper down the middle…and...ah, forget it.)

Children view the world in their own unique, fascinating and at times (to parents) strange and illogical way. If you’re wondering or worried about your children’s seemingly wacky ideas about fashion or anything else, think back to your own childhood. I’ll bet you had some doozy ideas inhabiting your brain back then. I certainly did.

And I still don’t really like brand new clothes. Sad, but true. I figure I’ve saved my husband thousands of dollars over the course of our marriage.


Anonymous said...

Funny that you posted that little calendar page...I have the same one with the little tear-off pages right next to my computer. My sister gave it to me for Christmas.

As for the clothing, I like buying new ones but what I like best is finding something really great at a second-hand store.

The things some people get rid of...treasures I tell you. Treasures!

Beth said...

trish: I gave both my sisters that calendar for Christmas.
Re: clothes - old or new, comfort is essential. God, remember mini-skirts? And trying to sit comfortably while wearing one?

guess said...

I feel obliged to respond to today's topic since it all "began" with me! We did have many times when Mom dressed us in the SAME outfit - just different colours. My clothes usually came from Gem or Sayvette (sp?). Too bad you couldn't have inherited or borrowed our younger "fashion plate" sister's clothes! How the times have changed - now you couldn't EVER wear my clothes - TOO BIG for ya! My turn to envy you.

Beth said...

"guess": Yeah, those good old days when Mom dressed us alike...the slim dark-haired daughter with a ponytail and the chunk with the blonde pixie cut.
As for our fashions of today - there's no way you could envy me for what I wear now.
(Hey, any good hand-me-downs lately?)

Dorky Dad said...

Thank God I never got hand-me-downs. I had only older sisters. And one younger sister.

I don't look good in a dress.

oreneta said...

We used to covet my Dad's shirts, and he was 6'3" and over 200 lbs, we were skinny little 14 year olds, but his shirts were IT.

Beth said...

dorky dad:
How do you know you don't look good in a dress? You must have tried one on...

oreneta: Just as I said - some kids have a very strange sense of fashion!

Anonymous said...

Being "invisible" is so much easier...I was and still am the same way.

Beth said...

coffee mom: Invisible - but with hidden strength and powers!