Thursday, February 15, 2007

Review Time

The Abortionist’s Daughter — Elizabeth Hyde

(Check out the link for a plot summary and some great reviews.)

An interesting title for a novel but one that just might put off some potential readers. When asked in an interview why she wrote, “…a suspense novel about such a controversial topic?” author Elizabeth Hyde responded:

“I never wrote this novel with an agenda; my goal was simply to offer a literary take on an emotional topic. I wanted to explore the nuances of a politically charged issue in a novel where complicated people face complicated issues, but above all else, simply tell a good story.”

She did just that. While the novel’s main focus is not abortion, Hyde does manage to present both sides of the debate in an compelling manner — although there’s no doubt as to which side she’s on.

The Abortionist’s Daughter is a suspenseful murder mystery, a story of tragedy, loss and grieving and a dramatic tale of a dysfunctional family.

Headstrong, opinionated (but likeable) Dr. Diana Duprey — the abortion provider (not “abortionist”) — is found murdered in her home. Considering her career choice, there are a fair number of suspects — including her husband. Family secrets and drama play a key role in the ultimate discovery of the “who” in “who-done-it.”

Hyde uses multiple POV, has created some fascinating characters and manages to sustain the reader’s interest to the very end.

My reservations? While I found the “daughter” of The Abortionist’s Daughter a sympathetic character in terms of her loss, grief and confusion, some of her actions (or “acting out?”) did not quite ring true with me. Or, rather, I just couldn’t relate to. (My age? Could be.)

And the very, very ending? A little too neat and tidy for my liking.

However, despite my few reservations, this is a well written novel and what I consider to be a good, satisfying “light” read — something I crave every once in awhile. Worth checking out if you like a good mystery.


Attila The Mom said...

You know, this is so shallow of me...but sometimes I just HAVE to have a neat and tidy ending. Otherwise I'm totally disatisfied with a story.

How weird is that?

Beth said...

attila: Not shallow at all. I like a neat and satisfying ending, too. I get pissed off if I've read an entire book and I'm left with some artsy-fartsy "what the hell?" ending.

This book just happened to have yet another ending after the "mystery solved" ending. Geez. Too much happiness after a murder.