Friday, February 09, 2007

A Perfect Day

Steaming hot cups of tea while reading a good book.

What a perfect day.

Too bad it isn’t going to be mine.

Today is a catch-up day. There are limits to even my ability to procrastinate.

This is the downside of being your own boss — you can get away with murder. That, and the fact there’s no regular paycheque.

Have a great weekend.

I plan to — depending on how today goes…


Attila The Mom said...

You have a great weekend too!


patricia said...

Have a great weekend! And try to make time for the book and tea...

Beth said...

I'm hoping...but you never know around here.

There's a 99% chance that I'll manage to fit that in - no matter what.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Sounds like you need an inspirational adventure.

Beth said...

It's more like I have to get my "a** in gear."
Inspiration would be good — don't think I could handle an adventure right now.

Rebecca said...

Hi! Nothing to do with this post but I just read something in House & Home magazine I thought would be of interest. "Since its launch in September 2006, California-based GreenDimes has saved close to 30,000 trees in the U.S. by ridding homes of junk mail. In March, GreenDimes will begin offering its service in Canada. For $3 a month - or a dime a day - members can have their names removed from major direct mailing and catalogue lists, reducing unsolicited credit card and insurance... visit

I'm not sure if this will prevent those unwanted phone calls - but it's a start! Have a good weekend.

Beth said...

Thanks! I checked out the site (and bookmarked it). Looks legit. I'll keep tabs on GreenDimes coming to Canada in March.
(Glad you're still checking in. Hope all is going well.)

Anonymous said...

It must be the longer days! I am finally getting around to updating our photo albums which I haven't touched in two years.

Ohhh I'm good at procrastinating I am.

On the other hand a book and a cup of tea sounds good right about now....

ragdoll said...

There is nothing a good cup of tea can't solve. World problems? Check. Bad headache? Check. Rumbling hunger in the tummy? Check. Comfort on a cold day? Check.

I could check on forever. Beth, I hope you make it through your day and on to your cup of tea.

I, however, will be enjoying beer later on this afternoon.

Beth said...

Photo albums! Geez, they haven't even made it on my to-do list.
Have that cup of tea - enjoy. I'm having one right now.

Coffee to get me going - tea to keep me sane. I've rewarded myself with the tea - haven't looked at a book.
Enjoy your beer!

oreneta said...

Yet another reason to love C.S. Lewis.

Beth said...

god, does a cup of tea and a good book sound like just the thing that I need right now!!

have a great weekend!

Beth said...

I was thrilled when I found that quotation. Glad we agree on an author!

Tea and a good book. An escape? Maybe. Essential for remaining sane? For sure.

Steven Novak said...

I'm currently my own boss as well...and yes...I completely understand what you mean. ;)


Beth said...

Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!
And then...hey, maybe I should check my e-mail, some blogs, make a phone call...the distractions are endless...