Tuesday, January 30, 2007

She's Back (Almost)

Wow. Thanks.

The number of supportive, encouraging comments I’ve received on my “going on hiatus” post has been amazing.

I should do this more often. (Just kidding.)

Stay tuned, folks.

Regular programming resumes tomorrow.

(Good enough for you, Teds?)


ted said...

For now I guess. But I expect more in the future lol.

Beth said...

ted: More's a comin'...

oreneta said...

Oooo, I am gettin excited...looking forward to the return.

Seriously though, I hope you are getting all your other stuff sorted out, and your doing better and feeling a bit more balanced.
My husband says it often, and I love him for it, "take your time...."

It's not dull anyway..

Beth said...

oreneta: Gosh - don't get too excited! But what a sweet thing to say.
Definitely feeling more balanced, more in control. (The way it should be.)