Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Back So Soon?

Well, that break was refreshing. Okay, not so much refreshing as necessary. Needed a little time to put things in order, in perspective, etc. I’m back in my deal with sh*t as it comes mode rather than pushing it aside or burying it for later. “Later” tends to arrive sooner than you expect – with a big fat wallop.

It never ceases to amaze me that maturity (with advancing years) does not necessarily equate with peace of mind and serenity. I thought being a grown-up meant you’d be able to handle all the ups and downs of life with equanimity. Not so. Sometimes the punches come in a swift one-two-three fashion and if you don’t have your dukes up, you end up down for the count. (How’s that for an analogy? And I never watch boxing.)

(Am I confusing anybody? If so, I’ll end up watching my audience dwindle and eventually throw in my blog towel…)

And as to this ”time off” — my absence from the scene was actually the equivalent to the number of days many other bloggers leave between posts. A change is as good as a rest, right? Perhaps I should change my own posting frequency.

I am fine. Life is fine. Back to blog business.

This month, The Guy Who Writes This (of Astoria Oregon Rust) posted a Reader’s Revenge theme on his blog. (Very brave of him.) Trish and I weren’t so much into revenge as simply curious. We both asked him to blog about — well, blogging. Check out his post of January 27th — whether you’re a blogger or not, it’s informative. In fact, it just might answer some of those questions I receive from non-bloggers. (“Why do you blog?” ”What’s it all about?”)

And his post is very well written. Of course. He’s “the guy” who “writes.”


Beth said...

I'm glad you're back! Everyone needs a break now and then....but I hope you don't do it too often! ;)

patricia said...

Welcome back! I totally understand the need to take a break from blogging...lately I've been needing a lot of those breaks. It is quite possible to experience 'blogger fatigue', especially if you've been doing it for three years, as I have. Sometimes life is just too busy and hectic. Sometimes you just don't have anything briliant to say. And sometimes you just get so damn sick of sitting in front of a computer when the whole world around you is beckoning you to be a part of it. It's all a question of balance. So never feel bad for not posting enough, honey.

Oh, and that guy's post about blogging was very good, and so true! Bully for him that he can post every day; I just do not have the fortitude these days!

Beth said...

beth: I'm glad you're glad - makes me feel good!
And I promise (but with my fingers crossed) that I won't take a break "too often."

patricia: Thanks, pal. Everything you say - all so true.
And I'm "balancing!"

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Wow, thanks for the plug and the kind words, Darlin. Posting daily is just my thing, and I was only trying to stress that there should be a pattern that people can follow, like posting every other day, every Tuesday...what ever.

Believe it or not you have readers dedicated to your blog. It's kind of like having a favorite TV show or a magazine. Folks get disappointed when the Beth Show isn't on when it normally is or if their edition of Beth World doesn't arrive in their mail box. So it is better to warn readers of an absence than to leave them hanging. After all it is a public blog which is there for others to read. There is an implied obligation in a way. If you didn't want the audience you would have written a journal in a notebook and kept it in a drawer. So, since you have people who visit and allow your ideas to enter their heads it is a matter of respect to give them some idea of what to expect and when to expect it.

Just my opinion, though...

Beth said...

guy: And a "Wow" right back to you - just a plain and simple "wow" in response to your wonderful comment.
(Oh, yeah - and a thank you.)

oreneta said...

It is a weird thought that there are people out there waiting for the next installment, but he is right. I do feel that way when a blog I hit regularily doesn't come up, and ones that post too infrequently or too eratically I drop as well. No there's a couple I hang onto for personal reasons, but but otherwise....GONE.
Seems I talk WAY too much though. Ah well, it's not his blog.

Beth said...

oreneta: I love your blog. I look at it as your personal journal of your "adventures" in Spain which you're willing to share with others.

(Hope you are backing up your posts - isn't there a limit to the number of posts Blogger will store?)

Dave said...

I haven't found my way to your blog too often but when I do come over, I do enjoy it. It is good to hear analogies... I use them a lot when conversing with good friends. Take Care! :-)

Beth said...

dave: Greetings - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Always appreciated. (I'll be checking out your blog...)

Dorky Dad said...

Welcome back. We missed you. Life has changed much around here since you've been gone. As soon as I think of what changed, I'll let you know.

Beth said...

dorky dad: Thanks for the welcome back. I'll be checking your blog - anticipating reading about those "changes."