Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolutions (What Else?)

I’m going to be realistic with my resolutions this year. Forget the weight loss/diet one — it’s steady as she goes. As for exercise, I have no choice. If I don’t exercise, I’ll cease to move. Period.

I’ve learned — lo these many years — that if you choose unrealistic goals, you only get frustrated and depressed when you fail to achieve them. Go with the simple and achievable worthy kind.

That leaves me with the following:

1. Get rid of that dopey picture of myself on this blog. (I received a scanner for Christmas! Now, I just have to figure out how to use it.)

2. Remove one useless item from this house every week. Put it in the garbage or take it to Goodwill. (This resolution could keep me going for years.)

3. Restrict my blogging time. Discipline myself. (And this one might end up on the unrealistic list.)

4. Somehow, clear up my desk area. (How do you hide post-its? My life is dependent upon these things. I work surrounded by a pale yellow haze.)

I can’t even think of a realistic # 5. Maybe I don’t want to change. Maybe I love myself just the way I am. Perhaps I’m “practically perfect in every way” — like Mary Poppins. Or, maybe I’m finally at a point in my life where I know myself, recognize my limits and capabilities.

But, hey, I could come up with some beauts for my husband if he’s having trouble thinking of New Year’s resolutions. However, I suspect that like myself, he loves himself just the way he is. Conclusion — after all these years, I guess we love one another just the way we are.

(Thank you, Billy Joel.)


Beth said...

Mary Poppins jusst happens to be one of my very favorite movies!!

I really like you resolutions,,esp. weight loss. Ya, still on the diet...sorta...but it's more aboutbeing healthy than anything else, I think. I'll never be a size 4 again, just aint gonna happen. get over it!

blogging time? Oh no, aint cuttin that down, infact, it;s gone up!

Happy New Year Beth. Us "Beths" have to stick together!

Beth said...

beth - Size 4!!?? I was a size four at about the age of 10 and when you're size 4 at that age, you are one chubby kid!
And a Happy New year to you - from one great Beth to another.

oreneta said...

Hey, I kind of like that picture of you on your blog. You look so like you are really enjoying yourself. Whatever. You just look so happy. Happy New Year. Hope you got warm on the beach.

Beth said...

oreneta - So I should keep that picture? Hmm. Other bloggers are pretty anonymous. I am so "out there."
BTW, I did get warm on the beach - I also got totalled by waves. Surfer girl, I'm not.

Nomad said...

Love the resolutions...its sort of nice not to want to change too much...with you on the restrict blog time ya think one hour (+/-)per day is reasonable to write/post/read?

Beth said...

nomad - one hour (+/-) a day is reasonable. Very much so. But is it realistic???