Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cottage Get-a-Way

And so how am I enjoying my time at the cottage?

Two words: mouse invasion.

The DNA evidence is everywhere. No CSI needed. Looks like someone has scattered those little chocolate sprinkles in cupboards, drawers, sinks, bed linens – you name it. Even in the shower. What the hell were they doing in the shower? Uh-oh. Better check the soap.

And, yes, there has been a live sighting. I uttered a low pitch “ah!” (no girlish shriek from me) and my husband yelled at it.

“What are you doing?”

“Scaring it away.”

Yeah, right down the hallway to the bedrooms. My hero.

I’m tired of washing and cleaning up after these creatures.

I’m kind of looking forward to going home — for a rest.

As for the Internet connection – it’s worse than I feared. Numerous disconnects and so very, very slow. I can't seem to post using Firefox so I'm back using Safari - and minus some of the posting options. (WTF?) The post may look weird.

I am definitely howlin’. (See previous post.)


oreneta said...

Mice are cute, outside of the living quarters. Ugh. Cleaning up after them is gruesome...hope you aren't finding them on the counters and dishes. Bleach.

Beth said...

oreneta: ...not on counters and dishes but this morning discovered them in our bedroom. Ugh.
Have been disconnected 7 times while trying to reply to your comment. My teeth are clenched...

oreneta said...

7 TIMES!!!! You are an impressively determined window. I would have sledge-hammered something by now!

Beth said...

oreneta: I'm a what??? Never heard that expression.
Home now. Catching up.
No mice. :)

Anonymous said...

ohhhh cottage getaway....LOVE IT! Maybe without the mice.

We are in the process of selling our old place. Very sad.

Beth said...

I HATE mice!! ya, they're little and cute but if you see one, you've got at least 100, and they give me the willies! And all the little mouse poop everywhere! yuk!

How did you sleep at all?

Beth said...

trish: The get-a-way was good. The mice - not so much.
Re: selling your place - that is sad. Bet you have tons of great memories.

beth: The only reason I slept is because I didn't discover their presence (turds) 'til the morning we left.
My husband gets thrilled when he "catches" one mouse. Yeah, and the other hundred are busy breeding...somewhere...