Saturday, December 23, 2006

Not Yet

While other bloggers have bid a farewell for the holidays, I’m not quite ready to do that yet. Two reasons — one, I’m addicted (and feel no shame admitting that) and two, it’s providing a nice escape from these busy, hectic times. A bit of a stress reliever.

Recent stress? Tomorrow night we’re taking an entire Christmas dinner to the Senior’s facility where my father-in-law now resides. This in itself is not stressful. I’m looking forward to it. Being able to do this will make Christmas special for all concerned.

What I am stressing about is the fact that I was informed just last night that there is no microwave available in the room reserved for us. You know, a little something to heat up the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetables, minced tarts, etc.? What the hell??? Did the men all think the women (that would be my sister-in-law and I) were going to blow on the food to make it warm and edible?

I swear I was told a microwave would be there. And if I wasn’t (if I simply assumed it would be) then I guess I’m an idiot. I never learn. I’ve been told so often not to worry or bother with my lists because things will always work out. So, the one time I go with this bit of advice (and don’t cover every single base on my own) it comes back to bite me in the ass.

So, now, in addition to everything else, we are taking our microwave with us. Pause for a moment and think of all the stuff necessary to make this venture work — think of every single item you need to set a table, decorate, serve, etc. Right down to paper towels and j-cloths to clean up. Plus the food. Plus the gifts. Now add to that list a microwave. We need a U-haul truck.

I’m trying to stay calm. It will all work out. I really have to learn to go with the flow. A few wrinkles in my carefully thought out plans should have no effect on my mental well-being whatsoever. (Twitch, twitch.)

We’ll have a wonderful and Merry Christmas dinner. We’ll all be together and that’s what truly counts. (The possibility of cold food? Meh. Nothing to worry my pointy little head about.)

Best of luck with today, folks. Time is running out…


Attila The Mom said...


Crock pots. Call everybody you know who has crock pots. ;-)

Hope you have a wonderful time and will tell us all about it!


Beth said...

attila - I believe I was just commenting on your blog as you were commenting on mine. (Are we the only two left reading and writing blogs??)
Crock pots. Yes. I will call my sister-in-law. Thanks for the tip. I don't think I'm functioning at full capacity. (In fact, I know I'm not.) Merry Christmas!

oreneta said...

Oh oh oh, why do people not think these things through...really it is WINTER, do they really think that anythig will be warm by the time you get there? Your not Pizza freakin' Pizza with those cozy bags....

Keep on blogging, I'm reading, and it seems a few more are... anyway, it will give everyone lots of good reading when they get back.

Beth said...

oreneta - Actually, winter hasn't really arrived here in Toronto. It just keeps raining. I'm all for mild weather but even I'd like a few snowflakes for Christmas!