Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Checklist


1. Tree up and decorated. (But smells a tad off — the decorations were stored in the cold storage room which stinks. Prime suspect — dead mouse. See post of December 4, 2006.)

2. Outdoor decorations up and twinkling. (Spouse — as is his tendency — postponed this chore but lucked out. The weather turned mild.)

3. Indoor decorations all over the place. (Already weary of Santa’s smiling face but still like looking at the crèche.)

4. Annual poinsettia gift received. (I am not fond of poinsettias. Spouse has removed it from my daily line of vision after I offered to keep it watered. Bwahahahah…)

5. Cookies baked. (Some hidden so no further baking is required.)

6. Gifts bought. (And if I forgot anything or anybody, cold, hard cash will be the gift of last resort. Or chocolates — with a mad dash to the corner store. I don’t do crafts. Big surprise.)

7. Wrapping paper, Christmas bags (I love these things), tissue paper, ribbons, bows, gift tags, scissors and tape all await me in the dining room.

8. Turkey bought. (The sucker is in the freezer waiting for me.)

To Do

1. Wrap gifts.

2. Find gifts. (Wait, this should be # 1.)

3. Remember where I hid gifts. (No, this should be # 1.)

4. Christmas dinner (x 2). Prepare turkey for a Christmas Eve dinner, contribute to another dinner on Christmas Day. (Will deal with this later. I have lots of time…)

5. Remember what’s it’s all about — and that I am blessed with family, friends and all that truly matters.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much done too. Just got back from the grocery store where I bought an obscene amount of food-teenagers in the house:)

And I don't like poinsettias either...they always look like fake plants and then they die.

oreneta said...

You are so together on this, even a list, and its funny! We got the tree and started on the decoarations today, which was good fun. The two year old spent his time taking decoarations off the tree to use with his dump truck and garbage truck. He did also pick up every last scrap of paper from making paper snowflakes, so I'm not complaining.

Beth said...

trish - And those poinsettias are so freakin' huge! Like I've got room for one of those with all the other stuff "decorating" the house.
Groceries - big appetites, big bucks.

oreneta - Yes, I am a list person. And a yellow post-it on the walls person. Can you say "crazy??" I need them to survive.

Nomad said...

You go girl GO!!
BTW I LIKE the sun hat and glasses!!

Beth said...

nomad - Oh, I'm going all right - crazy. You like the sun hat and glasses? While they do hide the flaws, I have plans to get rid of that picture. Depends on what Santa brings me...

Nomad said...

Awww Love the a "Laisser-faire-South-of-France-writin-on-the-beach" feeling to your blog...

Hey shouldn't we be wrapping something??


Beth said...

nomad - It's more a, "Feeling mellow with a cooler on the old sinking dock at the cottage." But that's kind of okay, too.
I just wrapped four gifts! And my back hurts. Break time.