Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hidden Beauty

Perhaps everyone’s already viewed the fascinating video Evolution put out by Dove and their “Campaign For Real Beauty.” (I’m usually at the tail-end of these Internet/email share things.)

If you’ve seen it, forgive me. If you haven’t, watch it by clicking on the above link.

My response was mixed. I was fascinated, appalled, depressed, ticked off, envious, etc., (my usual gamut of emotions). There’s no need for me to blog on and on about it — the video speaks for itself.

I had a moment’s hesitation as to posting this. Am I allowed to? I finally decided Dove would be okay with it. They want the message spread, right? And I do have a disclaimer on my site (at the very, very bottom). If they want to rap my knuckles, they know where to find me.

And, no, I’m not promoting Dove products, although I do use them. I’m a charter member of the dry, extremely sensitive category of skin types. There’s not a chance in hell I could ever be transformed into a “beauty” — be it an illusion or otherwise. I can’t even use make-up. The stuff turns me into a scary, blotchy, red-faced witch.

I’m forced to go with the natural look (which is kind of scary, too.)


M. Patterson said...

This is a day late since I've just read it. A splotchy witch ...? How dare you say that. You are pure and beautiful and always have been. If you are going to be proud enough of yourself to have your own BLOG then DO NOT use the space to tear yourself down!

Beth said...

Ah, being viewed through the eyes of love... Thanks, my dear.