Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Love reading? Need a book list as a guideline ? Have lots and lots of time on your hands (or in your life) to get through this list?

Check out 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (Foreword by Peter Ackroyd, Edited by Peter Boxall).

And then check out the blog Baby Got Books. The author of this blog has created an Excel spreadsheet so that you can figure out just how many of those 1001 books you’ve read — so far. (Credit goes to My Tragic Right Hip for my discovery of the source of this spreadsheet.)

I’ll let you know how I do. Maybe.

While searching for an image of this book, I discovered at least the three different covers. The one published in Australia shows books, the one from the UK shows a cartoon sketch and the one published in the U.S. shows a babe in a deck chair. Fascinating marketing/advertising differences. Guess which one I prefer?


hip_ragdoll said...

I like the top cover best and I didn't even realize there was more than one. I've got the US version at home -- the list is pretty British-centric, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Beth said...

True to my bookish nature, I love the Australian cover best.
(Still haven't completed the list.)

Beth said...


When I said I hadn't completed the list, I meant check off the ones I've read - not that I was anywhere near reading all 1001 books!

DJ Cayenne said...

Thanks for the link. It has been fun comparing notes on how we've done with the list. So far the most read on the list (that we know about) is 293 books. Yikes.

adrienne said...

I like the Australian one, too. I borrowed the US one from the library and was highly annoyed by the typos. I figure if you're going to spend that kind of money to produce a big, glossy, full-color book like that, you might want to shell out a little for a copy editor.

patricia said...

Thanks for the link to the list! Uh. So many books I haven't read...I may have to double-check, but it looks like 91 for me.

Oh, and FYI, that cartoon illustration is actually take from one of the cover designs for Anthony Burgess' 'A Clockwork Orange'. It's a graphic representation of the character Alex, with his funny eyelash.