Saturday, February 11, 2012

Books vs. Looks

A friend sent me this image – a friend who knows me very well.  And loves me in spite of the knowledge.

One could substitute the word “shoes” with clothes, jewelry, make-up, purses*…  They’d all fit.  I’m not a girlie-girl – and I’m quite okay with that.

Yes, I am addicted to books but there are worse addictions.  And perhaps I have one of those, too.  But never mind that…

Twice in the past few months I have gathered up books I’ve read and taken them to the used book store.  The last time I took six, bought twelve and paid only $45.00.  Ah, joy - ah, bliss.  Twelve books!  And only $3.75 per book.  Yes, I must keep in mind what I paid for the original six but most were bought at the same store.  And think of the money I save by not purchasing what I consider non-essentials.*

I may look like hell and be on the MOST WANTED list of the fashion police (one of my sisters is a member of the force) but I am well read.

 Yes, I own and wear this t-shirt.  With pride.  But usually under something else when in public.

P.S. I’ve written about my book addiction before but it happens to be a recurring theme in my life.  The spot-on image I received prompted this post.

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Cipriano said...

I am much like you Beth. Definitely a fashion dinosaur, I am -- but seriously will go out of my way for books!
I don't mind spending money on two things -- books and food. [I love supermarket shopping, it's so weird of me, I know].
But when it comes to clothing, wow -- I am wearing a lot of the same stuff stuff now for decades. No exaggeration, really.
Hey, I love that T-shirt.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Are there any books that qualify as fashion accessories? Maybe a self-help book with a big picture of the author/guru on the cover. You wouldn't even have to read it.

Adam said...

Book buying is great when people actually read their material. I know some many friends and family that buy a book, read 2 pages, and then quit.

Anonymous said...

I think most bloggers are also big readers. Before I got my kindle I used to get all my reading material from the library, markets or second hand bookstores.

Zhu said...

Amen to that! I never understood shopping addict, and I have about three pairs of shoes including plastic sandals! But I do have books...

Jaya J said...

thats a great buy !

books do make you sexy :) i love buying books too its therapeutic and reading entices the mind :p

Beth said...

We wear vintage – that’s our fashion statement!

Some enormous tome (a classic) would qualify as a (pretentious) intellectual/literary “fashion accessory” – put on display but never read.

I’ll give a book at least a chapter – some are just not worth putting in the time. Life’s too short – and there are so many books…

I’m thinking of an e-reader – just thinking… I suspect I’d still buy books – for the feel, smell and joy of having them around.

Life is about choices – this one was (is) an easy one!

Jaya J:
Definitely therapeutic and enticing to the mind – never thought about it making one sexy though… ;) said...

Thanks for the reminder - I have a stack of books to take to the Used Book Store today. I get so excited when I see how much money I can spend towards more used books. And shoes? Who needs 'em? You just need thick socks for reading.


Beth said...

Nice thick wooly ones – I got ’em!

Angie Muresan said...

I am a book addict. I have so many, and constantly buy more. In my weekly budget I have made room for a book. Every Sunday I go to the bookstore and pick one out. My husband can't understand it.

Barrie said...

I have this same addiction. Owning a kindle has only made it worse! I do love a used bookstore, too. ;) Oh, and I quipped to a friend the other day that I wasn't the queen of style. Her response? "I can't disagree." :)

Beth said...

I do. :)

You have a friend with a sense of humour – a keeper!

Cheryl said...

You are speaking my language. Books are my world. I could go into any mall/store with the intention of looking for clothes and come out with books. I would much rather spend my money on books than anything else. I have a Kindle now, which I love, but I still buy books as well. The Kindle is great for getting a book right away, and for the free books, but nothing beats roaming the book store, the smells and holding an actual book in your hand. I am running out of room in my house for my books, not to mention the 300 I have on my Kindle, but if I hear of another good book, I am on it.

As for clothing, I hate shopping for myself and firmly believe in comfort and the basics. Life is too short to do otherwise!!!
Happy, happy reading. Any good book suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Beth said...

Yes, we do speak the same language. ;)
I would recommend just about any book by Lionel Shriver. I particularly enjoyed The Post-Birthday World.

laughingwolf said...

angie, if you traded him in, you may not even get a used book for him! ;) lol

when i was still in van[couver], i would spend most of a day in 'the book warehouse'... best in town, cuz had best selection of new, and major discounts on 'hurt' [slightly damaged] ones

i know of two used bookstores [i've only been here since july, and do little outdoors on crappy days, since my tbr list is long]... will have to walk over once it warms up

dog gets anxious when i'm gone, even a few seconds... he'll have to get used to it

highly recommended [if you're into fantasy] 'the stormlight archive' [book one: 'the way of kings' is current read], by brandon sanderson, chosen to complete robert jordan's 'the wheel of time' series [yes, sanderson IS that good]

Beth said...

Lots to respond to re: your comment - I'm going to email you...

Valerie Marie said...

I'm an addict too. I got a Kindle for X-Mas but I still buy a lot of "real" books: thank to Amazon. My favorite library is "la Griffe Noire" I could stay a week there.
I spend a lot for food too ... Right now I'm wearing kakhis (Woolworth) an a 12 years old knitejacket...
Love that T-Shirt!!!