Sunday, November 13, 2011

Knock, Knock...

“I’ve been trying for some time now to develop a lifestyle that doesn’t require my presence. “
~ Garry Trudeau

Does this quotation strike a chord with you? 

It strikes a glorious, wonderful chord with me!  Not only because of its delightful absurdity but in light of the unsolicited advice and encouragement I’ve received these past few years from various well-intentioned cheerleaders.

Perhaps becoming newly single does open doors to amazing opportunities and adventures but I’d just as soon leave some of those doors closed.

I never went sky-diving or mountain climbing before – why would I now?  (Extreme examples, yes…)

I’d love to oblige my cheer-leading squad – but could do so only if it were possible to arrange for a new lifestyle that didn’t require my presence.   ;)

The doors I have opened may be small ones but they’ve made me happy.  The essential Beth hasn’t changed.  Don’t think she ever will.

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laughingwolf said...

garry [a distant cousin to our own pierre] is bang on...

Zhu said...

Ah the Trudeaus and their wisdom! What would we do without them!

I find the best part of North America is that you can always reinvent yourself.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Being freshly divorced myself I've been getting all kinds of advice. It's weird because I really haven't changed except for losing my house, my family, and a substantial amount of money ... other than that I'm still me, I'm still a working stiff teaching in a prison. Very timely post. I guess my only concern (a trivial one at that) is: when do I change my facebook status from "divorced" to "single." I think it's after getting out of debt. What're your thoughts?

Jaya J said...

Love this post :) hope the cheerleaders are also reading it.

Beth said...

I did not know Pierre and Gary were related. Thanks for that tidbit.
I admire both men.

Still in the (slow) process of... ;)

Debt should have absolutely nothing to do with your Facebook status. If you want to put “single” – go for it!
(Massive changes, huh? And still, at our core, we remain who we are...)

Jaya J:
Ever heard the expression, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”? I’m sticking with that. :)

Trish said...

I know what you mean with the cheerleaders. Being an introvert, my 'cheerleaders' think I need help getting a life and that I'm letting life pass me by. Not so! I am perfectly happy with who I am.

They mean well, but need to know when to give you some space. Perhaps they need a gentle reminder?

Gorilla Bananas said...

Quite right. Just do things you've always wanted to do, but couldn't when you were married. I won't ask what they are.

Interwebs Fails said...

I just want to live in a Scandinavian forest and die. :P

Beth said...

Interesting how some people place their expectations of what constitutes a great life upon others – while others are simply content to live and let live.
I’m going with quality – my version.

GB: Ha! :)

Interwebs Fails: Sounds quite doable. You have my blessings. ;)

Juliette said...

Now this is the kind of lifestyle I hanker after Beth! Let me know if you find a way!

LOLA said...

Beth, I think you might be my Canadian cousin. Following!


nursemyra said...

always put advice through a sifter with large holes

Beth said...

Alas, if it could be done, I’d have done it years ago.
If I only had an identical twin – a wild, adventurous, extrovert...

We are definitely kindred spirits! ;)

I’m investing in a new sifter...

anonblog said...

Very cool blog, supported! said...

Oh my goodness, Beth, that quote is priceless. I just unleashed a hearty guffaw. Thanks much!

Just be you. You're great and I'll tell the cheerleaders what to do with their pom-poms.


Lavie said...

Being extroverted is over-rated anyway.

Beth said...

Thank you!

Robyn: Glad it made you laugh – you bring many a guffaw and lots of laughter to my life. :)

Agree... ;)
(thanks for the visit)

Cipriano said...

An encouraging post!
I am not newly single, I am oldly single.
"Re-thinking my inks" on that whole subject.
Singleness is terrific, in so many ways, and "not-the-greatest" in other ways.... if only a person could merge the two things!
The "so many ways" and the "other ways".
Then life, I think, would be singly terrific.
I truly believe that no one is meant to be an island, so to say -- but finding the right "all-inclusive" package -- wow, sometimes I think it's like trying to get to the moon in a Toyota Tercel [with faulty brakes]. And yet, so many lovely people are bounding around happily on this cratered earth of ours, in even a lesser reliable vehicle.
True lasting love is a mystery as grand as a lunar landing. Both things have had their failures and successes.
Your friend here knows more about the former thing.
And yet believes strongly in the latter.