Friday, November 18, 2011

Certifiably Crazy

I need certified copies of two original documents.  I’d assumed only a lawyer or notary public could do this – which pissed me off.  However, not so.  I checked the government web site re: the particular legal matter I’m dealing with and found a list of various others who can do the deed.

While relieved to see not just lawyers and notaries qualify, this list also pissed me off. 

Do these people have a monopoly on honesty and integrity? 

Lawyers??  Accountants??  Politicians?? 

Are the rest of us not to be trusted?  Are we considered incapable of recognizing a “true copy of the original document” and signing our names?  What about my local librarian?  Bank teller?  A retired electrician?  Or for that matter, ME!  I realize I can’t certify my own copies but I believe I possess the wits, intelligence and sight to certify others’. 

I am insulted – both for myself and for every other honest, literate person capable of completing this task.  I’m still trying to figure out why these people are the “chosen” and the rest of us are not.  I wondered if all who work in these professions require a background/police check.  But for an optometrist?  A professional engineer?  Or could it be they must all be affiliated with some official organization?  But if so, why would this guarantee their honesty?  Or their intelligence?

What am I missing?  Any explanations?

Government rules and regulations – the law in general – frequently make no sense at all.  Which really isn’t a great revelation, is it?


Trish said...

I know! It's so absurd, isn't it? *scratching head* I have no idea how they came up with this list but it seems pretty random to me.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I assume they have to belong a professional body which can sanction them if they behave dishonestly.

Zhu said...

Yeah, it's kind of stupid. On a side note, I'm glad the rules change when applying for a passport (you know, used to need an official guarantor to sign the application) because despite being in Canada for 7 or 8 years now, I wouldn't have been able to find anyone. Family doctor? Don't have one. Lawyer? Don't know any. etc.

They must have realized how stupid it was... now any Canadian citizen that the applicant has known for 2 years (or 3, can't remember) can sign.

laughingwolf said...

originally attributed to charles dickens: 'the law is an arse'... has been americanized to: the law is a ass:

but yeah, non-selective bullshit rules canuckistan 'law', as well GRRRRRR

Anonymous said...

lolwut? So funny.

Beth said...

I think you and I would do a great job certifying copies...we can certainly read!

True... But see Zhu’s comment. We now only need 2 references who’ve known us 2 years to sign our passport renewal applications and THAT’S a pretty important document. Makes no sense.

I’m glad it’s easier (I have to renew mine) but WHY is it easier? Same government – different agency…

I checked out the site – crazy!
But it doesn’t make me feel any better...

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

At the risk of sounding morbid, I would look up my local funeral director and see if he remembered me passing through! I'm with you on the questionable integrity of certain professions -vs- an average joe. And why can't the documents speak for themselves???

oreneta said...

With passports, most of them are members of professional organisations which can impose sanctions on their members....but it is stupid. Ohh, though I just read Zhu's comment, that must have changed very recently.

JR's Thumbprints said...

If it makes you feel any better, a prison teacher is low - very very low - on the food chain; certifiably crazy if asked. Nothing is ever fair in love & war. Lost everything myself ... and for what ... so I can keep my diginity and integrity while teaching murders, rapists, and thugs?

Beth said...

Interwebs Fails: Not so funny!

Bodhi Chicklet: I wish a massage therapist was on the list – don’t they have to register with a professional organization?

The simplified passport renewal process for Canadians living in Canada came into effect August 2007. Guess this doesn’t work for you, living in Spain.

JR: You’re not certifiably crazy – life (yes, unfairly) dealt you some heavy blows. Retain your dignity and integrity - for yourself. said...

I do love Canada but this is rather bizarre. You made me laugh, though. Thank you.

It's also random that Professional Engineer is included. What gives an engineer elite status over, say, a physician?

Jaya J said...

here the absurdity level is alarming.
in official forms, they'd ask you your Race and Religion.
Someone i know did this :

Race : 100m

he got the job.

DWei said...

Maybe I should have gone into business instead so I could better understand this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Recently I read a pamphlet from our local council publicizing new housing developments for low income earners like cleaners, police officers and nurses.....

Police officers and nurses can certify documents here. Next they'll be allowing cleaners to do so too, since apparently we're all in the same demographic

LOLA said...

Fascinating list. I would enjoy certifying documents. It would make me feel important. I need that for my self-esteem.